Young Roma lynched in Seine-Saint-Denis is found in the street.   no comments

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Gheorghe – which had initially been designated as Darius – gradually emerged from a coma, and doctors were seen Monday that he could now be followed in day hospital, at the rate of three rehabilitation sessions per week, said M Julie Lee-Flaceliere. It suffers however from calcifications at the knees, neurological sequelae, and cognitive disorders who, according to counsel, could not yet be assessed precisely. Despite the efforts of the social services of the Parisian Hospital where Gheorghe is supported, and his family have not found hosting, and the young man finds himself again in the street, she continued. "There were requests made", but it is not able to live alone and should therefore be hosted in housing capable of accommodating 15 members of his family, and not in a hotel or an emergency accommodation centre, says M Lee-Flaceliere. This "Act of barbarism", strongly condemned by the political authorities and associations, had for mobile "private revenge", indicated the Prosecutor’s office, the young man is suspected of having robbed an apartment. In early July, a judicial inquiry for "attempted homicide" and "kidnapping and sequestration" had been opened, but no arrest has so far been carried out and made public. . Inspirational source may be studied checking the following

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The suspected case on Ebola in Berlin has not been confirmed. The Charité University Hospital announced on Tuesday night, all the tests for the detection of Ebola were negative on the affected patient. The 30-year old woman had suffered a collapse on Tuesday in a Berlin job centers and precaution had been taken at the Charité. The diagnosis is now on malaria infection. The patient doing well under the circumstances, said Norbert Suttorp, the Director of the medical clinic with a focus on infectious diseases and pulmonary diseases of the Charité, in a release. Previously, experts of the Charité were assumed that the fever infection likely involves not Ebola. The 30-year-old have not resided in Africa in an area, in which Ebola was occurred, had informed the Senate Administration for health. Latest figures WHO according to people have died in West Africa so far in 1229 the disease. From Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, 113 new cases had been reported between August 14 and 16. Of the now 1229 registered deaths, 760 were unique result confirmed an Ebola infection, in other cases there was a reasonable suspicion on the infectious disease. The WHO estimates that the actual number of cases may be higher because not all diseases and death cases by national health authorities recorded mainly in rural areas. The situation in Guinea, where the epidemic began, inspires cautious optimism. The population was now more sensitized to the dangers of the disease, the WHO writes. Local leaders have been incorporated to improve the cooperation with health authorities and Western doctors. However, the danger is not banned. First reported last week an Ebola case from a previously non-affected region of the country. In the meantime are 17 Liberians infected with Ebola have been found. Have been traced and had turned themselves, information Minister Lewis Brown said. They were placed in a clinic. The people had left the impromptu quarantine station in a slum of the capital Monrovia on Saturday evening. How many of them actually infected or were sick, is not known. The details of the exact reasons for their flight contradict each other. . You should click the following to learn more on this amazing matter.

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Japanese chain Lawson plans own supermarkets for seniors.   no comments

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Also in Germany, supermarkets try to engage more on seniors. In this Chemnitz-based loading for example hang magnifying glasses on the shelves. The Japanese supermarket chain, Lawson plans to set up by next year to special supermarkets are addressed particularly to seniors. In any other country, the population is ageing so fast as in Japan. Lawson until end of 2017 therefore plans to open 30 new stores, where specially trained seller should worry most about the needs of elderly and nursing. This was announced by now the company in Tokyo. The seniors shops should have wider aisles and a seating area to relax, be spacious. Also, Lawson aims to collaborations with other companies such as gyms or charities. In the new markets of Lawson to create additional services for the elderly such as gymnastics or consulting hours. The first senior citizens market will be opened in February in Kawaguchi, a suburb of Tokyo, and operated by the charity Wisnet as concessionaire. . For more regarding this matter check info.

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Switzerland: a clinic specializing in detoxification of the rich.   no comments

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A new clinic five stars, to a rich clients who wish to seek treatment for all forms of dependency (alcohol, drugs, money, sex, internet or compulsive shopping) should open its doors to Montreux (Switzerland), which already has several renowned medical institutions. We hope an opening from the spring of 2017, told AFP the Lausanne-based lawyer François Chaudet, Director of the Hotel de Sonloup company, which manages the project. The clinic, he added, will be a unique example in Europe, a little on the Betty Ford Rehab centre model in the United States, the former first lady, wife of Gérald Ford. According to counsel, the work must last between 18 and 24 months. The clinic will be housed in a former hotel in the region, the Sonloup hotel, which will be fully rehabilitated. The project has been ongoing for several years, but has been delayed by a series of remedies, from, inter alia, an Institute for young girls of good family, Le Châtelard, nearby located. The appeal of this Institute has been rejected in the last instance by the Swiss federal Tribunal, the highest Swiss Court, which makes the final building permit. Me Chaudet, the clinic will only support patients who have made the choice of total abstinence. An international clientele is targeted, and there is a strong demand in this niche in the Middle East and the far East, he added in the columns of the Swiss newspaper 24 hours. The project, valued at 25 million Swiss francs (20.8 million euros), should lead to the creation of about sixty jobs. The appropriate city of Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva, is known for its clinics private luxury, such as the clinic La Prairie, the Swiss Riviera Medical Center, and the centre Biotonus Bon Port. These clinics are specialized in the cures of cell regeneration, the fight against obesity, or cosmetic surgery. They are mainly attended by a foreign customer. . For extra regarding this matter read

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The Internet would be threatened by sharks, and this is not the scenario of a disaster movie. It all started with a Google conference in Boston on 7 August. Dan Belcher, Manager product at Google, says that society improves submarine cables (those through which passes its data from one continent to another) to protect them including attacks of sharks, recounts the specialized site Network World. The information is taken over by the American magazine Slate, that the checks to the company. «Google confirmed me that its new generation of submarine cables was wrapped with a special protective metal – and that the aim was to protect cables clippings, including against possible shark attacks, writes journalist. The information is then repeated in many media, sometimes sensational way, some up to accuse the sharks «threaten Internet.» This conclusion is exaggerated. Attacks by sharks on submarine cables are not commonplace. Slate and other newspapers cited a New York Times article on the subject, but the article date,. of 1987. He speaks first transatlantic fibre-optic cables that appeared to attract sharks. Cable TAT-8 put in place in 1988 had to be modified to protect against bites. "When the first transatlantic cable was laid by the late 1980s, the high-voltage electric cables laid side attracted a frenzy of sharks bites, causing the electrocution of sharks and numerous cables section. A protective sheath quickly added", told the Guardian in 2009. Since? Examples are rare. We look at looping a video of 2010 showing one of these beasts biting a cable. "Last year, we found teeth on a cable", remembers Michel Piéton, Director of the masters of work network from Orange, contacted by Le Figaro. But the operator puts greatly the danger of sharks and the frequency of attacks. If Google wants to get stronger cables, sharks are not his primary concern. The company protects its cables ‘against multiple external aggressors, as the anchors of vessels, trawlers, fishermen, the corrosion of the seabed, and Yes, even sharks’, explained in a second time one of its spokespeople to the specialized site Motherboard. In a tweet to the second degree, Google wanted to temper the threat posed by sharks. "Next step, protect the Internet from the Sharknados [Editor's Note: tornadoes of sharks, issues of the film disaster of the same name]", Google responded with humor. The tweet contains the #SharkWeek, a documentary week hashtag for the American Discovery Channel which is today accused of spreading false information about sharks. Irony has apparently not been seen. In reality, human does far more damage to submarine cables as the shark. "The majority, i.e. 80% of the failures come from human activities, such as fishing. The cables can be damaged by trawls and anchors for example, explains Michel Piéton, orange. "In the remaining 20%, there are landslides and earthquakes that can do considerable damage", he adds. Close numbers than given in 2011 by the International Cable Protection Committee. They showed that 70% of the problems of cables came the fishing or boat anchors, 12% came from natural disasters. The shark is still victim of its bad image, and the overstated threat. Just as an American has a 3.7 million chance of being bitten by a shark in the ocean, it is probably the same for submarine cables. . For extended insights on this topic check

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A reconquest hailed with satisfaction even from Barack Obama, who called it an important step made by Iraqi forces with support from Us forces, which are the air raids that have also stopped the advance of Isis around the city of Erbil and repelled the terrorists. The progress of Peshmerga on the territories from which in recent weeks have fled real Kurdistan hundreds of thousands of civilians, many of them Christian and Yazidi minorities, were in fact made possible by American air raids, which have intensified in recent days. But precisely this kind of intervention Pope Francesco expressed criticism speaking with reporters on the plane that brought him to Rome from South Korea. One nation cannot judge how it stops an attacker said, pointing out which are the United Nations to have to decide how to stop the militias of Isis. I emphasize the word stop, no bombing or war, insisted the Pope. The Pontiff said to be willing to go in Kurdistan, where these days is the Personal Envoy, Cardinal Fernando Filoni. The cardinal has released yesterday a joint statement with the Chaldean Patriarch and Chairman of Iraqi bishops, mons. Louis Sako, to ask the international community to intervene not only to bring humanitarian aid to refugees, but also to free the villages and occupied the places ASAP and stably. And aid in the evening Obama spoke, saying that the US is building an international coalition to deal with the humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq. In this sense, he said, Washington work with the Iraqi Government and with partners such as Britain, Canada, France, Italy and Australia to provide water and assistance to persons who have been forced to flee their homes by the advance of the fundamentalists. The fighting between Peshmerga and jihadists, meanwhile, continue around the dam 60 km north of Mosul, with Kurdish militants seeking to strengthen their positions with the American aviation support, which with drones and fighters carried out 15 new raid yesterday, destroying among other nine rebel positions, a roadblock and seven armored vehicles. Are cos arrived in 68 attacks made by us forces since August 8. On the ground, General Kassim Atta, spokesman for the armed forces, confirmed the recapture of the barrage on the Tigris, but added that fighting is continuing in some buildings, particularly in the residential area. Some buildings have also been mined by jihadists before retiring and then must be reclaimed. Kurdish party says that from the dam the Peshmerga are advancing towards the town, 25 kilometres Wanna pi to the South. In the province of Al Anbar, most in the South, while the fighting continues between the army in Baghdad and the jihadist forces who have taken over several towns. General Atta said that Government troops have repulsed an attempt by the Isis to conquer the strategic city of Haditha on the Euphrates, thanks to the support of local tribal clan. Meanwhile, questions about the course that the international community decider to follow seem to relate these days especially Great Britain. The Defense Minister, Michael Fallon, confirmed a pi of Raf jets and a commitment which, he explained, could last months, surpassing the strictly humanitarian nature of the mission. But Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out a deployment of troops on the ground. We will not be involved in a new war in Iraq, stressed the premier. As regards Italy, the Ministry of defence sources have informed that sending weapons to Kurdish guerrillas, after the go-ahead of the EU Foreign Ministers last Friday, could leave 48-72 hours already after the Government statement to Parliament Wednesday. We will continue to pursue a long-term strategy against the militants of Isis in Iraq by supporting the new Iraqi Government. Barack Obama said, adding that now we continue to see important progress the jihadists, which-according to the US President–pose a threat to Iraq and throughout the region. . For more facts regarding this subject check website.

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First, a pilot project on a busy highway in southern Germany is planned, with the wrong driver automatically detected at connection points and motorists warned visually and acoustically. To warn people of wrong drivers bright yellow warning signs be tested so far only in some driveways in Bavaria modelled on Austria’s (stop false). The principle aims, that the wrong driver is immediately identified and accurately warned Dobrindt said Monday in Görlitz. Other motorists, who are in the danger zone, to be directly informed. Today is of course possible through digital systems, the Minister said. First, new press had reported the plans the Passau. The Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) proposed a Germany-wide alert system in the roadway, which would therefore cost 25 million euros. Induction loops could be designed in the roadway, which use red strobe light and warning signs in motion, as soon as they are run over in the wrong direction. Other experts put on structural changes to the on-ramps. In the next few months, the review of all driveways on German motorways to be completed to quickly resolve certain sources of danger. With views of the pilot project on the electronic wrong driver alert, Dobrindt stressed that there was still a lot of research and need for clarification. There must be no false warnings, said Dobrindt. . You must read this link to read extra regarding this great matter.

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Ebola Epidemic: Liberia granted sight of border guards.   no comments

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The escape of Ebola patients from an isolation ward stirs up fear of a further spread of the epidemic in Liberia. As the local newspaper front page Africa on Monday, inhabitants of poor settlement West point in the capital Monrovia had taken ill on Saturday for supplying further home. The patient could infect more people in the densely populated slum with the viral disease. In a statement, the World Health Organization (WHO) turned against travel and trade restrictions due to the epidemic. The close of the Centre of the capital live in slum about 75 000 people. The Ministry of Health announced last Thursday, to put the area under quarantine. On Saturday had then stormed the hospital a lot of irate and plundered. The situation in the settlement, according to eye witnesses, was chaotic: while I’m talking, the police station is deserted. At West point, there is no security at the moment, quoted front page Africa Moses Teah the inhabitants. The army, according to a report of local newspaper Daily Observer instructions to shoot everyone in sight, which wanted to enter the country illegally received the closed border with Sierra Leone. The journal refers to the Deputy Chief of staff, Colonel Eric Dennis. The arrangement is to used to prevent entry of people potentially suffering from Ebola according to the report. The WHO warned on Monday, States should avoid unnecessary disruptions of international travel or trade. Countries that bordered not directly to affected countries, travellers at ports, need to examine airports or border, not on the disease, it said in a statement. The risk to infect, on the road with Ebola is low, because the disease is transmitted not – such as flu or tuberculosis – through droplet infection. . Root data could be read visiting the following web site.

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Ferguson, the militarization of the police is worrying.   no comments

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The point the largest in what’s playing at the moment Ferguson is, methinks, the militarization of police forces. They hold material transmitted by the army and they use against protesters. Methods are therefore particularly violent and interpretations of specific treatment against Blacks. Added to this is an accumulation of bad faith and error on the part of the police of Ferguson. The circumstances of the drama have long remained unclear and the results of the autopsy were not directly rendered public by the police, but by the New York Times this Sunday. The police were mistaken in the number of BBS and caught lots of information. In my opinion, you can establish a direct link between what the United States outside their territory and combating the armed military police put to use within the territory. With facilities similar to those of the soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq, police officers feel entitled to regard the other as an enemy afghan or Iraqi. And this other, although American, feels very well which it perceives as an internal enemy. . Additional data can be inspected checking

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United States: police surarmée against the demonstrators in Ferguson made cringe.   no comments

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The death of Michael Brown, shot by at least six bullets, a fatal head, has revived the spectre of racism in the United States in a majority black city, and the police and its leaders are mostly white. Far from being considered a fact various local, made case debate throughout the country. A petition to equip all U.S. officers an on-board camera will even be considered by the White House. Monday morning, the text, which calls for the vote of the Mike Brown Act, the name of this 18 year old, had gathered more than 112. 00 signatures. According to a program set up by president Obama, the White House is forced to look on any petition that collected more than 100. 000 signatures. The petition proposes that each national and municipal police be equipped with a mini camera worn on the body to not only to avoid any misconduct but also ensure compliance with the procedures. A tough response from police making more cringe in America because it highlights the militarization of the police force in the United States. It is true that these men, notably seen here look more like robocops to police officers. The police use the traditional tear gas grenades, but also M-4 assault rifles and stun grenades. A sniper in army fatigues to the crowd with his rifle telescope, perched on an armoured vehicle, did the trick of social networks. This equipment will even do react veterans of the Iraq war. Phillip Carter for example told the Daily Beast that he had the impression to relive some scenes of war. We have fought in one of the bloodiest cities of Iraq during the most violent period of war and with the same equipment that a police service uses in the small American town of Ferguson, to quell civil unrest. Our wars have arrived home, he wrote. In a study called War comes Home (war near you) and published in June, Kara Dansky denounces excessive militarization of the American police. The increasingly frequent use of SWAT, these elite police equivalent of the french GIGN, is very striking and shows how the militarization of the police erodes the public’s confidence in its security forces more that it contributes. We studied 800 SWAT raids over a period of two years. In 7% of cases, the situation demanded their coming, but in nearly 80% cases, these raids in private homes have served to look very small amounts of drugs, said Kara Dansky told AFP. More worryingly, according to her, the unnecessary use of equipment and paramilitary techniques exacerbates the risk of violent episodes and puts the population in danger. Indeed, not sure that a such arsenal quiet the game to Ferguson in the coming hours. . For extra insights on this matter check web site.

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