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All of this is known. What is less, it is that this show also shows the hierarchy between journalists. More insidious, she said the emptiness of false impertinence in the questions that emerge from this solemn moment there. Thus editorialists, recognized journalists, those who give their opinion, are sitting on chairs gilded in the top ranks. They gather at their conveniences, depending on the nature of their support or their political connections. On the sides, the cameras. Left, news, to the right channels duplex official cameras. Device reinforced by Luma cameras (in height) and a central camera that will give the perfect image of the President speaking. Behind chairs, tables of press for radio or wireline agencies journalists who need to record sounds and write news reports in real time. The silent class of journalists who give account of what is said. Finally, still behind, at the bottom, the Gallery of photographers. We are willing to a small 30 metres, in the axis of the presidential lectern. The time of the press conference, obliges us to quickly transmit images. I therefore place me on the podium, perched on my footstool to go over my colleagues. We are all nested, mounted on makeshift ladders on a space of 4 meters by 4 meters. The idea in this kind of configuration is to work very quickly when the political moves towards his desk. Twenty seconds of pictures when the body of the President is in motion, the gaze directed towards the microphone and its entry into scene. This is that, for the photographer, the best images come true. We try to save breaks in a rigid environment. Once the president is in place, seated position response to journalists, impromptu situations are rare. Photographer search gesture, hand who rises, goes to the front to support a connection. The gesture is the symbol of the word in the image. For my part, I try, with a bit of desperation to find a crack in the curtain of smoke that appears before my eyes. Once my place is taken in the axis of shooting, I’m going down to install my computer to transmit as soon as my images. Just installed, I’m getting away from the press table because it is reserved for the journalists,. ah,. it says that I can put myself behind, there down, with the technical Board. A frank explanation, accompanied by other photographers, will be installing tables so that photographers can work. My seated taking views and transmission device, I sneaks into the room to save a few atmospheres of the installation of journalists and the press conference behind. I won’t have time to raise. The police of the Elysée, show me firmly the Gallery of photographers at the bottom of the room and ask me to join. A few protests and a sudden deafness does there will nothing. I’m joined by Pandora to my observation point with my classmates. It is therefore within grouped photographers top point I would see the Government settle left the Presidential rostrum. Prime Minister forcing a smile breathable and throwing blows of eye objectives tending when he leans forward and viewing Ministers at his side. Editors can’t resist the temptation of tourist photos of the frescoes that overlook the elyos salle des fêtes. We blaguons on the delay and ask if it is not due to the desperately off aspect of monitors that need to retransmit the official realization. Large screens display steadfast the following message ‘no video signal detected.  "Jean-pierre Jouyet, Secretary general of the Elysee and Emmanuel Macron, converse secretly over the heads of the Government and seem to hide something from the Prime Minister who throws still looks attractive to journalists that it recognizes. The president was announced, everyone rises. Aide de camp filed the discourse on the rostrum. We râlons a bit, lest cache us the presidential arrival in the axis. This is limit but it delights me. The appearance of this uniform adds the unexpected in this ocean of certainty. Everything goes as planned. We record 20 seconds regulatory body of the president reaching towards his speech then we are already at work, looked at our pictures. Wire agencies and newspaper photographers send their raw images. Other less hurried photographers frantically raise when the president makes a gesture. The sound of shutters of cameras pushed our stress and concern. While we send our pictures, what are we trying to Miss? For additional information regarding this matter visit page.

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The Atlas of typhus, edited by Demos-coop, this year offers consistent guidelines compared to recent years. At least, in terms of membership and passions of the Italians toward the stock. The national figure of recent World Cup in Brazil, therefore, does not have the support of Italians. In contrast, the share of people who feel the fans, in the last year, has even grown, albeit not by much. From 36% to 40%. Even if that means about 12 points less compared to 2010. Moreover, among the fans has increased especially warm component, at the expense of the more militant. Today, however, involves nearly 4 fans on 10. The stadium, on the other hand, there is a minority. Decreasing, compared to recent years. So the passion grows from a distance. In front of the TV, listening to the radio (the very young, especially). Taking advantage of the endless possibilities offered by pc connection, tablets and Smartphones. However, typhoid remains a widespread sentiment. And if we observe the distinctions and guidelines, incredibly stable. On the other hand, the cheering is powered by different reasons. Among others: the chauvinism, the local attachment. And the result. The victories. Together they produce and reproduce a sense of identity, which is strengthened through the team’s claims. At least, as regards the more warm and less components militants. For this reason, the geography and the ranking of typhoid, in recent years, have not changed. Because, for some time, the hierarchy of football in Italy appears stable, almost static. The last fact, Championships were won by the same team. Juventus. While the competitors come through, but remain the same. In addition to traditional rivals, Inter and Milan, Juve’s leadership was challenged from Naples and Rome. Thus, even the ranking of typhoid, in recent years, it has few and limited oscillations. Juve is the most loved by Italians, with 31% of supporters. Followed by two from Milan, Inter and Milan, both with about 18% of fans. Then the Naples and Rome. And to follow the other. These 5 teams together sum up about 80% of fans. But only the first three are regional boundaries. Especially Juve before, for many fans, in all areas of the country. Cheering Italians, however, does not end in these teams. All Italian cities, more or less large, have a base of fans. Faithful. Like the smaller cities. Not surprisingly, nearly half of the fans of the teams more claims to follow, continuously, consignments of minor leagues (but only in the Federal hierarchy). That is, of the amateurs. So, we’re seeing fidelity crossed, between local and national membership of long duration. A bit like in the politics of the past. Because today is easier, much easier, change the political football that faith. Especially after the end of mass parties. Accompanying people from cradle to grave, in life (and not only ,.). In the elections of 2013, instead, over 4 on 10 voters have switched party. The voter then has become mobile. Traditional memberships, to some extent, have been replaced by loyalty to football teams. And their colors. The black white or red flags. Or nerazzurre. Or again: giallorosse, purple, blue and white. Today they arouse greater attachment to the red ones. Also because they remained within a sventolarle, after the ideological post-season, who translated the Communists (the large majority of them, at least) in post (Communists). Until the confluence in PD. (Renzi, in fact, wearing the white shirt, etc.). So, football has taken the place of politics. Under different profiles. As in the politics of the past, the sense of antagonism still counts a lot. Because the sense of closeness. And maybe even more. As when the walls of our policy were marked by anti-communism and antiberlusconismo. So, more than half of the fans is made of anti-fans. Try hostility and resentment toward a team. Mainly, Juventus. But even Inter and Milan. The more you love and hate the most. As between citizens, however, distrust infects even the fans. And shall be directed against the Federation, i.e., the Figc. But even more so against the President, Carlo Tavecchio. Estimated (so to speak ,.) from approximately 2 fans on just 10. Racism in stadiums, on the other hand, is considered by the people of football, a serious problem. Indeed, serious. So, it’s definitely difficult for fans to express confidence in who, referring to young players who arrive in Italy, speaks of many optì pobà that up to yesterday they ate bananas. For this reason, but not too surprising, the high degree of confidence in arbitrators. Reflects the demand for legality and, in parallel, the mistrust of institutions. The arbitrators, in short, seem a bit like the judiciary, following the Tangentopoli season (in this case, Calciopoli). But above all, in this regard, it is significant the great credit to Antonio Conte. Juve coach yesterday, but today the National Guide. Antonio Conte is not only a winner. It is a figure determined, tough. A charismatic leader and decision. The great trust of the fans towards him not only responds to the need of redemption of our football, on an international level, after the defeat in Brazil. The great support he has, transversally in all fans, is, after all, the last and most visible reminder of the politics of our time. Because it evokes the importance of the leader. Of The Head. A public figure in which recognize each other. In which to believe. Then, of course, will be the camp to reinforce or to resize this complicity. Considering that, in football, the faith in leaders (coaches and players) employs just cool. But, for now, Earl is the high priest who unites the faithful of religion for football in Italy. Beyond churches and sects to which we belong to fans. . Main data could be found clicking the following weblink.

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Super summer 2024 is the formulation of himself for weeks large parts of German sports policy intoxicate. At least they do so. Only the Championship throughout the country, then Olympics in Hamburg or Berlin: the ultimate double Festival. Garbage and Olympic world insure each other their sympathies for such a project. Eager all reaffirm the audience how easy it was possible – and even Thomas Bach had already communicated from the throne of the international of Olympic Committee (IOC), that he saw no potential for conflict there. Such a summer would be sports history. Never, Olympic Games and European football championship or using Instead of found within a few weeks in a country. And that was for a good reason so. First of all, this constellation with many observers raises questions after the feasibility. Secondly, she must produce tremendous irritation in the global sports world. And thirdly: it is not possible according to the current interpretation of the IOC rules. The Belgian has not executed this attitude. But in fact it says in paragraph 34 of the Olympic Charter that the Organization, orientation, and media coverage of the games in any way by another event, that takes place in the host city or its environment or at other venues are likely to be affected. Such impairments could hardly be avoided. It starts in the planning phase, when it comes to public investment. Or to the far-reaching political exemptions which defy the ruling from large sporting federations. Lot of money for the modernisation of the stadiums and at the same time A lot money for the expensive Olympic infrastructure is To want saddle no Government itself in these times. Not to mention the billions for national security. The sponsors are likely to disturb it: enjoy always long before the event, now would they share the attention – and put up with rival companies. Would be hard to imagine that they just join. . You must click this to learn more regarding this amazing topic.

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François Hollande, who would have well happened in this case in September, returned ors l of his press conference Thursday on the Tavares case. According to the head of State, the short-lived Secretary of State, ousted for not paying his taxes, but who still clings to his seat, is "not worthy to remain in the National Assembly. Beyond that, this case is not totally failure considers the head of State to the extent that it allowed to prove ‘effectiveness’ of the means put in place at the top of the State to combat fraud.   "There’s not more unscrupulous elected than in the past, there has always been, alas!" has launched the president of the Republic against the press. "When a member does not pay its taxes, when a Minister has an account abroad, other parliamentarians were in trouble with the law, these are injuries to democracy", he added, making reference to the Cahuzac case "but there are today more procedures that allow to discover and therefore punish», he continued.  And to quote the high authority for the transparency of public life, new independent body created by law post-Cahuzac of October 2013 which has "revealed what happened with this Secretary of State, who was not worthy to remain and not worthy to stay either in the National Assembly because he did not pay his taxes.  An instance which ‘worked perfectly for the case of Mr. Thévenoud’ he argues. Francois Hollande said that this high authority, that ‘control all Ministers’, will make "in a few days a report on the asset and all members of the Government’s tax situation.  "It will make this work again for all parliamentarians and will publish its report," he said, assuring you want to "go all the way. "I don’t want to think, at the end of my five years, there is a member of Parliament, a Minister, a public official who is not in order, in clear over what it should", he assured.  "When an elected official is punished for not having done what it should do to the tax plan, there are judicial proceedings", stressed the head of State. "It is the judges who decide, and it is clear that punishment of disqualification should be imposed". And to clarify that ‘the keeper of the seals, if there was not this possibility of going further in the current texts, ensure make us additional proposals". Thomas Thevenoud was absent Tuesday from the Assembly and did not take part in the vote of confidence in Manuel Valls. The President-elect of Saône-et-Loire had to leave the PS of the Assembly group and now include non-attached Members. It is not reappeared since in the Palais Bourbon. . You should check this to read more about this interesting matter.

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In the related song that sounds like: forget it, I wipe that goes away quickly / with SOAP that maybe / with SOAP that might go away. In the verse it is then more complex, doppelbödiger, is becoming a fascinating flow of associations and aphorisms, which are reminiscent of chanting: not every error goes away / no matter How much tip-ex you onto kleckst / there remains a stain / the stain Devil looking forward: How delightful! Music, their new label, home of pop stars such as Max Herre and the fantastic four, it concluded with four a contract, which guarantees you maximum artistic freedom: music, video design and artwork remain firmly in her hand. Otherwise it was not, she says: I just have a complete picture of what I make, how it should sound and look. It’s so clear that I must enforce it. This is my mission in life. Compromises are not my forte. MIRROR ONLINE transfers from Thursday to Saturday selected live concerts from the Reeperbahn Festival and hosts on Friday the stage in the evil and dangerous. Play there from 8: 00 the Berlin newcomer Balbina, the electro-Popper We Have band, the dark prog-rock trio Esben and the witch, and the British indie-rock band Blood red shoes. Mirror Editor Anika h. law passes through the program. Please here along the stream. . Original data can be read clicking this website.

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It is a full of ranging Australian Finance Minister who hosts this weekend his G20 counterparts in the small town of Cairns, in Queensland State, northeast of the Australia. Under a radiant Sun, the gateway to the great barrier reef will live two days of intense meetings centred mainly on the best way to reconnect with growth which creates jobs. Monday, the Organization for cooperation and economic development (OECD) has once more the alarm bells in noting a slowdown in major world economies, including lowering its growth forecast for the eurozone of 0.4% from its estimate in May. Joe Hockey, the great Australian silver Cabinet high in color, may intend to achieve a breakthrough in this area. Although at the beginning of the Presidency of the G20, his country noted with astonishment "fatigue, after five years of crisis, counterparts and Central Bank Governors to conduct economic policy and structural reforms". Yet, in his eyes, the answer is simpler than it seems. "We want less taxes, less regulation, more businesses and more innovations", he said yesterday. Before add that ‘traditional stimulation levers that are expansive fiscal policy and accommodating monetary policy are, in general, to their limits at the global level." Embracing the liberalisation of trade, to healthy and fair competition to privatization, to long-term investments. "If it is not in all these areas, growth will be insufficient for an extended period." Each of the 20 ministers should, this weekend, attend counterparts its roadmap to increase global GDP by 2% over the next five years, or 2. trillion dollars more. A black target on white, in February, in Sydney. This goes to the IMF, for industrialized countries that have the ability as the United States and the Germany or for some emerging countries (Brazil, India), by an increase in their public expenditure on infrastructure. . Root facts can be found visiting the following

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Violence against women in India is alarming, not only by the number of cases and the virulence of these, but by the impunity for those who commit the attacks. According to an international study published in 2014 to men from five different countries – The making of sexual violence-, 25% of the interviewed Indians claim to have taken part in sexual attacks ever in his life. From the regional office of Asia of the International Centre for the study of women (ICRW), Organization study co-author, Nandita Bathla says: the situation in India is critical and it is reaching proportions of national crisis, although we don’t want to admit it. ICRW gender violence specialist believes that technology initiatives are very positive but do not cease to be patches to one bigger problem. Despite being good ideas, are not accessible to all Indian citizens. And does not ensure an effective response. First of all, these projects should be reviewed with the passage of time to see who and how are used. We must examine the results, not as it is the case with some programs created by the Government. Nadita refers 181 telephone hotline established by the Indian Executive at national level at the beginning of 2013. According to the activist, the police response to the calls of victims is insufficient. Any initiative that contributes to women’s safety is welcomed, if not they blame them for attacks received, as it is standard in India. However, many of these technologies have been designed for a very specific social class, explains Sameera Khan, journalist and co-author of the book would prowl? Women and risk on the streets of Mumbai. These tools should be used with care. An interactive map that placed red dots in places where women feel unsafe assumes that there are parts that are safer than others in the city it sure is applied only in cases in which there was an assault?, he says the author. His book like the degree of real access that has women to urban space in Mumbai. Members of the organizations involved in the development of these initiatives online are aware that their projects will be insufficient without the collaboration of the institutions. According to the study mentioned above, a quarter of india’s population unknown laws which protect women against sexual harassment, and perceive that there is an application of the law by the authorities. Nandita Bathla, ICRW, alert: we have to be careful that such applications and e technology initiatives do not absolve Governments of their responsibilities. The researcher stresses the role of education as an engine of this necessary change in the perception of violence against women since, according to their experience, even school teachers relativize the problem. Education and enforcement are the pillars so that there is no send alert messages by mobile phone. And hope that they never have to use these applications. . Additional info can be read clicking article.

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I don’t want to make people that dismiss me, I want to be me that leave him before, I don’t get to see me dragging me across a stage, has said the singer, who turns 50 on September 28 and which today during an interview with Efe wore skin toast after a few days of beach that has recharged the batteries for the appointment. This is the job that I like, I never pursued fame, precise Dalma, who does not understand those people which pursues the empty popularity and that has clung to the illusion continues to make his craft, even now, a source of joy. I do not allow that this becomes a routine, adds. The best that has given her music, highlights the appreciation of the public. Among the toughest, the frequent trips that have forced him to miss important moments of their lives and so many Christmas at home. I have not stopped that fame jodiera me life, responds, when asked if ever he has cursed his public role. . Inspirational facts may be studied checking this

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The patient will be e rapatri in conditions of maximum security, a m dicalis d di plane, have assur Wednesday evening departments res trang Affairs and health in a joint communiqu, make that the device was immediately d ploy. But this special aircraft, this is not the France that has provided it, says doctors without borders. We have us-m coordinate me the evacuation by a U.S. am aircraft from an e priv company who has d j t used several times for patients of Ebola, said Brice of the vine of MSF. The device has ð paste United States, inter alia, explaining that 42 h after the Declaration of this case, the patient has still not t e rapatri in France. It should finally embark on Thursday apr s-midi. A lai d that the NGO d Nuncio, knowing that more support of the patient is fast, more chances of survival are lev es. MSF also asks that a m dicalis aircraft remains localized in the region the future r. � . Similar data can be read checking

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According to Stephen Oltolini, a foundation helping children: "with regard to development cooperation, by a decade has strongly changed the scenario and the perception of the role of humanitarian NGO operator, which after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (2002-2003 onwards) are increasingly considered to be ‘ embedded ‘ (connected, incorporated) to Western military and political forces and increasingly independent." Also: "globalization and foreigners are seen as the cause of all evils. Fear, hatred, feelings of superiority, uncontrollable energies that maximize the violent reactions against all the different membership community,. "says Sandro Calvani, former senior official of the United Nations, now engaged in the formation of NGOs and humanitarian operators as course Director in Humanitarian Affairs in International Relations" at Webster University in Bangkok, Thailand, and Senior Adviser of the Master ‘ Hope-Humanitarian Operation in Emergency of Asvi Social Change. How can NGOs limit the danger? It’s easier for NGOs involved in development projects: "Sending operators towards local partners our approach is always of utmost caution, avoiding risk contexts, but it is a speech that obviously does not apply to emergency NGOs which are precisely where more serves their immediate intervention," Oltolini explains. The interruption of programmes and the withdrawal of operators in case of real risk seems sometimes the only solution, even if ‘ the machine ‘ aid is playing and it is not easy to put it on hiatus, with his duties to the beneficiaries and donors who have financed the surgery but who understand that the NGOs ‘ first duty is to safeguard the lives of its members. Also plays an important role in order to limit the risks, both against NGOs by those wanting a career path and set of career and life in the context of humanitarian emergencies, and that is why as a Management School we are committed to forming emergency operators on quality and safety standards, with many international industry manager. The curricula and training programs for security are now rather encoded, as demonstrated by the analysis of the Ngo program Safety and Security Training Project. Setting up for this a perennial thorn in the side of those who, by one side or the other does not want that bridge to be built development. And this applies as much to the Italian mobsters and Islamic cutthroats. Main article in specialized ways nonprofit themes you can see ‘ blog4change ‘ of Asvi, Work in non-profits and Hope-Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies on www. asvi. it. Related information can be inspected visiting article.

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