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Legends have Herum screwed not infrequently even to their own legends. This was so at Julius Cäsar, who klitterte the own view of history been times as a precaution in the Gallic War, and not ended yet long for Bob Dylan, who lies so extensively scattered, until truth and poetry were no longer separated. The second collection of remixes of the Hamburg musician is repeatedly interrupted by amusing interludes. In the intro, an alleged Indian doctor claims Koze possessed "blessed, magic DJ-finger" and God have precisely born 1972 Stefan Kozalla, located in Flensburg, Germany, as their medium, to dismiss divine sounds in the world through him. Others may explain later to the "genius and mad scientist" Koze, and he responds in a bogus interview in English in quite a wide German dialect on the question of who was the best remixers of all time: "I think it’s me. Oh wait,. Yes, it’s me. "Even before the humor in the game comes, Koze appropriates so of course a track like hardly anyone, without just maim him beyond recognition. All too often – as rarely happens when colleagues with greater ego mind – he works selflessly the strengths. For example, found out by Canadian caribou praised currently in the sky: from the original, one reverse darted, sometimes unfocused acting collage from vocals and beats, is a relatively straight track, which does not deny the template, also not simplified it, but makes it fit for the dancefloor. Despite this approach humiliate on the pieces of apparatus, Matthew Herbert, who made who, or Zwanie Jonson succeeds in it but also time and again to break the respect. Sometimes there are only a few stupid sounds which create distance, it is an own melody line, which looks like a comment. If in Gonzales’ Knight moves suddenly appear brass and an old-fashioned soul mood, that could be also seen as a mocking reference to the self-exposure of the bathrobe-bearing client as hardest working in showbiz since James Brown. So a legend from above all the wannabe legend has knitted. This has of course didn’t need DJ Koze. . You should click this to learn extra about this great subject.

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An enigmatic dinosaur’s size of a bus, sometimes portrayed as a fearsome carnivore killer based on discovered fossil clutches there are fifty years, was in fact a peaceful giant, according to a new study. Deinocheirus mirificus did not use its 25 cm long claws to shred its prey, as some have been able to advance it, nor even to climb trees, as suggested by others, according to the study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. It was rather a nice, essentially herbivorous, monster that lived 70 million years ago in a lush landscape of rivers, instead of what is now the Gobi desert in Mongolia. The authors of the study believe that the enigmatic dinosaur used its magnificent 2.4 meters long arm to dig and collect plants. 50 years Deinocheirus had remained one of the most mysterious dinosaurs, indicate paleontologists. Its very incomplete profile long was built only from the imposing remains of a pair of arms with fearsome claws, a handful of sides and shoulder bones discovered in 1965. But the discovery of new fossils, including a recovered stolen skull this year from a private collector, can provide a more complete picture of the largest Member of a family of dinosaurs known as ornithomimids, or ostrich dinosaurs. Deinocheirus proves to have been a gentle giant who fed primarily on herbaceous plants and small fish, and not a horrible carnivorous dinosaur, said AFP Yuong – Nam Lee, of the Korea Institute of sciences of the Earth and mineral resources, with Daejeon. Measuring 11 meters and weighing more than six tons, Deinocheirus was a slow, without teeth, animal that needed to swallow stones to grind her diner. Rather OAF, it was equipped with relatively short hind legs, a long snout, and decked out in a hump on the back. Most other ornithomimids were instead built for racing, with a slender body and long hind legs. With its claws as possible defensive weapons, its Gigantism may explain how he escaped to predators, according to the researchers. A Duckbill shaped mouth allowed him poking around looking for tender plants, on land and in shallow waters. It probably supplemented his diet by fishing small fish, suggest the researchers. The bones of his feet, broad and flattened, would have prevented the animal of bog. . For additional data about this matter check

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Stability law, Acres: “Taxing Foundations penalizes the third sector”.   no comments

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Guzzetti warns that it is "an exponential progression, implemented in almost dizzying rhythms, which will undoubtedly fix all those voluntary organisations of social and private territorial entities, which will cut their resources, because every penny of taxes paid by foundations is a penny less to give to those who are at the service of the common good". The Acres, ignoring black pages written by bodies such as the Mps or the Carige Foundation, recalls that the foundations of banking origin are non-profits, individuals and self-employed persons, which grant resources in support of welfare, social integration, cultural and civic development of the territories. And that the rule of law and Stability has a direct impact on them, giving them a de facto taxation on dividends received by far higher than that of the private parties profit. A new penalty for the Acres away even more from the nonprofit entities that are similar across Europe have taxation of benefit. . Similar information can be inspected reading

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The FC Bayern has outclassed the Roma. The Munich won 7:1 (5-0) and scored as the highest away win in their European Cup history. The goals in the first half of the game shot Arjen Robben (9 minute / 30), Mario Götze (23), Robert Lewandowski (25), Thomas Müller (hand penalty/36.). Gervinho (66th) could shoot the goal before Frank Ribéry (78th) and Xherdan Shaqiri (80th) led to the final score. Led by Arjen Robben and Philipp Lahm, the Bayern offered a gala performance. Before 62. 292 spectators at the sold-out Olympic Stadium, AS Roma, however, conceded its biggest home defeat in the Champions League. The Italian table second had stayed previously in five of seven games of the Serie A without conceding a goal. With nine points Munich leads now clearly the table of Group G – ROM (4) and Manchester City (2). The humiliation of the Romans took its course. Robben broke the overextended Cole once again and met from right half front-end position to a 4-0. 0 after handball by Kostas Manolas increased Müller by penalty to 5:. There cheered the Munich barely over the gates. Coach PEP Guardiola, 2002/03 four times in Serie A and once in the Champions League for Rome had played in the season, coached hardly. Rome resistance was broken, in the stadium, but the Bayern fans sang. In the second half, Bayern were less focused, new was required. First he saved the post, then even against Gervinho, who stood four feet before him. Rome wanted to not humiliate himself, and began to play harder. Vassilis Torosidis fouled Müller worthy of red, referee Jonas Eriksson (Sweden) showed the yellow card only. Gervinho then met strong Argentine position to the consolation goal and the 100th goal of the Roma in the European Premier class or the previous competition. Bayern switched up a gear; that was enough for the substitute Ribéry and Sam locker increased. . You should visit this to learn more on this amazing matter.

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Total reeling from the sudden death of its CEO, Christophe de Margerie.   no comments

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It is on the day of his disappearance that is measured the stature of the man. And Tuesday, tributes to Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total, were countless, coming at the time of all edges of the French political class, fellow patrons and very many economic policy makers and political to the four corners of the world. Everywhere, the tragic death of the boss of the oil group was felt as a huge shock and a great loss often. It is in the night of Monday to Tuesday that we have learnt the news. Christophe de Margerie’s private plane crashed at Moscow Vnukovo airport and shortly after its take-off after a collision with a this Snowplow on the tarmac. Boss french, only passenger, and three members of the crew died instantly. The investigation has only just begun on the spot, under the aegis of a commission which depends directly on the president Vladimir Poutine. Side french, french investigation and analysis Bureau (BEA) has dispatched three investigators to Moscow and an investigation by the Paris Prosecutor’s office for manslaughter has been entrusted to the research of the gendarmerie of the air transport section. Francois Hollande welcomed a boss who "defended with talent excellence and the success of the French technology abroad". The president of the Republic also stressed its "independence" and "original personality. In fact, Christophe de Margerie was to share in the Gallery of portraits of the CAC 40. Recognizable among all, and nicknamed "Big moustache", the boss was distinguished by his glibness and outspoken. Governments have sometimes actually costs, one day for the cause of shale gas, the next day to worry about a new "iron curtain" in Europe. . For additional information about this matter check info.

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Madrid Ebola patient cured – nurses demanding more protection.   no comments

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NEW rules: similar allegations had been raised in the United States. There, the U.S. Health Agency, CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention) now exacerbated the rules for nursing staff. Among other things, the new rules set that all nurses who care for Ebola patients, would again intensively are trained in dealing with the protective clothing, the Agency said. In a clinic in Dallas two nurses in an Ebola patients have contracted previously. They are currently treated. VACCINES: a vaccine being tested according to the World Health Organization (WHO) will soon also in Germany In the fight against the virus. It is parts of the batch of 800 ampoules, which has provided Canada, as the Deputy WHO Director-General Marie Paule Kieny in Geneva said. The substance is thus first brought to Geneva and thence redistributed to test laboratories – including at the University Hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf. CONTROLS: at Prague Vaclav Havel airport comprehensive controls began in the fight against Ebola. All comers should fill out an arrival card, as reported by the Czech Ministry of health. Inside are details of person making hotel accommodation, as well as any previous trips to West Africa. Passengers who have resided in the last 42 days in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, expect fever measurement and a doctor talk. Not filling the card a fine threatens. Similar controls exist in the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. . Extended information can be read reading

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It was in the mid 1980s, as the partisanische style obsession of the toffs group I since the solemn co-founded of the underground magazine fashion & despair had felt part of 1978, diluted in idle aesthetic of the emerging lifestyle magazines and we us our bulk vintage suits and otherwise extravagantly quoted up outfits were excising, henceforth wear costumes such as Plaid flannel shirts, Blue Jeans, as me some friends records so-called musicians’ musicians to audition started, whose eccentricities (let’s look at Harry Nilsson) those of the great proto New Wave Poser, on whose work we had trained our gaze, sometimes in nothing was. I think it was Detlef Diederichsen, which played songs of the American combo NRBQ me during this period for the first time (Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello did the same in their friend circles). I never thought that this so brittle named ensemble (the abbreviation stands for new rhythm and blues Quartet) would bring a variety of such extreme styles across the stage, as his numerous albums, which are now for four and a half decades on the market, illustrate it. Rhythm & blues, of course, and the classic, Rockabilly (the second album right now with the almost forgotten veteran Carl Perkins recorded), advanced Jazz class dislozierten of (pianist Terry Adams can do the Thelonious Monk, as well as the Sun RA; could it sometimes on the side of Carla Bley and other well-known jazz shine see), country & Western (this band recorded both the Berlin Jazz days and Nashvilles Grand Ole Opry immediately one after the other; Furthermore, bassist Joey married Spampinato temporarily settled, also the singer Skeeter Davis, and NRBQs guitarist Al Anderson to protect his health, in Nashville, Tennessee, to eke out his life as a successful songwriter there), and I even mentioned that the originals of this band not infrequently have the sophisticatete class of the great ballads of the beach boys and the Beatles. (Who is able to provide me the rebuttal I transfer my fee for these lines of the dedication the.) And then there are those who see an anticipation of Steely Dan in NRBQ’s own elegance. At the same time we can enjoy of instrumentals, which seem to suggest the arc from Charles Ives to Moondog. They were the unofficial House band of the Simpsons and provided the soundtrack to the movie SpongeBob. At concerts is a magic box on the edge of the stage in which we should throw wishlist: these musicians simply intone everything they have ever heard of (and fear not the obvious derailment also). . Extended info can be inspected checking

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The French and immunization: we need to reassure them, not despise.   no comments

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The hesitant are parents, for the most part, rather urban and having a grade high enough, wondering if we vaccinate too their children. The origin of this mistrust, the virtual disappearance of some diseases such as diphtheria, polio, tetanus, measles, mumps,. that no longer appear as threats in the eyes of the general public. In an era where Governments encourage more users to be actor of their health, the French situation may seem anachronistic. It is especially problematic background: under the pretext of protecting children against various diseases in a single bite, multi-dose vaccines multiply, mandatory and recommended are so associated in the same syringe. Moral: person no longer makes the difference. Especially, since 2008, no longer exists on the french market of DTP vaccine only for children under six years. It was replaced by a combined with pertussis vaccine two times more expensive than the former. Parents who would like to choose only to mandatory vaccinations to their babies cannot. For specialists, the risk, if the vaccination is released, would recur almost eradicated epidemic today, because the more people protected against a contagious infectious agent is important, less it can flow. However, if more polio in France, the disease is still present in many regions of the world. To sell, laboratories do not therefore hesitate to upgrade the package, exaggerated messages and exploit the fear: cancer of the cervix has been presented as the second cause of mortality among women in France, it is well, but in developing, with us, it is 12th,. In France, the vaccination is a dogma: one is for either one is against. Unable to speak without inflame passions, to have reservations on any particular vaccine without being accused of anti-vaccine,. The reality is obviously more complex. . For extended facts about this subject click

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The inexcusable excuses of the patron of french football.   no comments

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The sequence aired show D + 1 channel + Monday, but it had been mentioned by Anne-Laure Bonnet during the beIN Sports direct, Friday night. His confirmation is appalling: the president of professional football league Frédéric Thiriez apologized for arbitration of Lens-PSG with of Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Paris Saint-Germain, in the outcome of this game. I’m really sorry this very bad refereeing, slipped in English himself terrible (I’m really sorry for this terrible arbitration). Could be back on the decisions of the adjudicator Nicolas Rainville and intemperate polemics that they have raised during this meeting at the Stade de France, but the problem is obviously not there. Remember simply, in the preamble, which PSG won this match (3-1) in being rewarded with a penalty widely encouraged by amplification of Edinson Cavani, and in being prejudiced to the future suspension of it. It cannot, however, be that of the transgression of a reserve duty, nor only a ridiculous scene more the part of a character whose emphatic Declamation and exclamatifs releases have the ridiculous legend. This is obviously the impartiality of the LFP which is questioned when it shows that it is at this point in the service of a club, whose owner is also the diffuser of the Ligue 1 Championship, leaving spread suspicions. If they are not themselves specific to this economic power, other leaders have every reason to rail against the Road exit of the president of the League, far from its prerogatives, very beyond the most basic of the ethical principles of her position. . Related text can be read clicking

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Open letter to Christophe Dugarry.   no comments

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So according to your criteria, I would not have the right to say that a young player full of talent and future (Layvin Kurzawa) skidded under the pretext that I would me even media skidded. For myself, I refer you to my explanations unanimously (or almost) welcomed in my book all alone, published by Flammarion. There are copies in his pocket, if you do not want to ruin you. In summary, I indicated no shame but with regret me be misplaced in my communication and committing errors. I like football and its players, less its commentators it is true. And for freedom of speech some fought and still fight until death. Don’t forget, dear Christophe, who was for years scoffed, booed by much of the world of football that you can now give your opinion, so clumsy, peremptory, false is it. Well, dear Christophe despite your stigma, I will continue to give my opinion on a world that I knew at least as much as you. I was like you player then only you: coach. Should I bring it up, coach hopes and A. Do you offense, I was. On the ground and not on a television. In fact, I mainly to keep a souvenir of our confrontation. I know now that you read Le Monde. As you read it, I can’t believe that you will be content of told, then you understand that the bulk of the paper concerned the general mindset of the players and the way for selector and manage the future of french football. This exceeds the scope of your recurring animosity towards me. . For additional data on this matter check

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