Ukraine: the only solution may be that “  policy  ”, warns the United Nations.   no comments

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Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations considers that the situation is "dangerous and chaotic" and has consequences ‘regional and global ". -AFP _ David Rowland and added that they "must understand that there is no military solution. A political dialogue for a political solution is the safest way,"before deplored a"chaotic and dangerous situation"the consequences"regional and global ". While Moscow continues to proclaim loud and clear that it is as militarily involved in the Ukrainian conflict, the Russia continues to prepare for the impact of the sanctions by the West. After having set up an embargo against agricultural products Europeans and Americans that worries including business French, Moscow may soon take action against the Western software industry. According to the Russian daily Vedomosti, quoting Tuesday morning a letter from the Ministry of industry, Moscow would indeed encourage Governments and corporations to prefer the use of software "made in Russia" rather than those from the West. According to this Ministerial directive, a preferential price (less 15%) would be proposed for software of Russian origin and when it gets a new software a company will have to justify its choice if a Russian alternative exists, Similar text can be read checking

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Business Ethics: Hanseatic virtues – a myth?.   no comments

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In its original form by the present-day Hamburg, would walk the Hanseatic merchant he may be a strange phenomenon: with his frock coat, flannel pants, the high cylinder. But the idea that he embodies, lives. Since the financial crisis, it has become commonplace to encourage the return to Hanseatic virtues, reliability, decency and fairness. Scientists say the Hanseat have lived in past centuries, what is today known as corporate social responsibility. Sustainability, responsibility for the common good. Who today wants to meet a traditional merchant from Hamburg, is To find best him in the Chamber of Commerce. New year’s Eve, to be exact, lunch at 12: 00. There they meet the year-end event the Assembly of a respectable businessman to Hamburg, and the Chairman holds a small greeting. Last year, he came on the rote flora to speak. That Klausmartin have announced Karen, this cultural entrepreneur, the clearance and riots in purchase, said the Chairman, accordingly, was morally questionable and not so reverent. . Additional info can be inspected clicking url.

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Alleged threat of Putin: if I want, taking Kiev in two weeks.   no comments

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Russia: The potential convergence of Ukraine with the EU is already longer than political risk perceived by Moscow. Over the centuries saw Russia the Ukraine in its sphere of influence. According to critical sees the Kremlin now also the pro-Western demonstrations in the neighboring country and accused the West of stoking the insurgency. May also be the concern behind this, the pro-Western protests could skip on Russia. Putin had increases the pressure on the President-Wiktor Janukowitsch now fallen out of favor with trade sanctions and a massive propaganda campaign months before the association agreement between the Ukraine and the EU should be signed. Apparently with success. End of November the Ukraine withdrew their planned signature under the agreement with the EU. Followed Moscow’s reward: reducing the gas price by one-third and a Ukraine infectious 15 billion dollar credit for that in economic difficulties. Russia uses the slow disbursement of tranches, apparently as a means of political pressure. Even before the escalation of violence, the Kremlin urged Yanukovych not to grant concessions to the opposition or to take back and break the resistance by State violence. . You must visit the following to read more about this amazing topic.

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Elections in Saxony: The NPD fears for their future.   no comments

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He is "firmly convinced", that his party once again absorbed in the Landtag, the NPD MPs Jürgen Gansel said Sunday night still confident in the cameras. Up to the end of the election night was unclear whether it will create the NPD for the third time in the Parliament. Only when the country election announced the provisional final result was clear: the NPD is out. Around 800 voices are missing. Their second vote gave the party 81. 060 people. This corresponds to only 4.96 percent. Five years ago people voted for the extreme right still over 100 000. Thus, the party despite "Mechanized warfare" with 1.5 million leaflets lost around 20 percent of the electorate. That is the significant behind collapse not far more clearly reflected on the percentage result of the NPD, is located mainly at the low voter turnout. Already in the last state election in 2009 it moved only 52.2 percent of the Saxon population at the ballot box. Voters in Saxony have become the minority in the State with 49.2 percent. After 10 years on the Parliament, the extreme right party is thus in their "model country" at the end. "We have failed as a parliamentary party in Saxony," it says in a first statement by Deputy Chairman of the NPD, Maik Scheffler. For the NPD entered the Saxon Landtag was an almost historic event of party history in 2004. For the first time since 1968 succeeded in a German Parliament to move back the right-wing extremist. The social mood around the Hartz IV reforms had at that time allows the election result by 9.2 percent. The loss of the Landtag group in Saxony is a major blow for the federal party. Thus, not only substantial revenue lost the already damp party, but also an important training and place of employment for their members and officials. The group could grab any legislature of taxpayers around 1.4 million euros. A significant portion of their income donated back to the party members and funneling so taxes directly to the party structures. In addition to eight members of Parliament, the Landtag Group had around 40 employees, including numerous scene squad. You are now without a job. Currently, the party holds only your group in the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Udo Voigt a single Deputy in the European Parliament. Last hope is now the State election in Thuringia, Germany. Here, the party has more chances to win a new Landtag faction. On September 14, both in Thuringia and Brandenburg is selected. It is assumed that the party again will step up its efforts in Thuringia, to here To try the feed with all his strength. The NPD in Thuringia – as 2009 – again fails, the Federal Party Conference announced for end of the year should be a pure crisis meeting. The Elimination of the Saxon group will be not to compensate for the federal party without new group at least financially -. The current actions of the NPD nationwide shows that no reorganization was possible after departure of Apple at the top of the Federal. The National Chairman of Udo Pastörs managed not to bring the party after all the internal squabbling on a new course. . Extended info can be inspected reading

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Sunday work: the FN opposed on behalf of a certain conception of man.   no comments

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The national Front is opposed to the liberalisation of Sunday work due to a certain conception of man and judge little effective reform of the 35-hour without a redesign of the whole of the labour market, said Monday his vice – president Louis Aliot. The FN is favourable to increased flexibility in the regulation of Sunday work? Quite honestly, no, because we are attached to a certain conception of man and Sunday’s part, we will say, this historical tradition of the day of Sunday rest, replied Mr. Aliot in a video interview posted on the website of the L’Opinion newspaper. Such a relaxation would create jobs at the margin, but it is not with this you’re going to revive the economy, continued the MEP. Moreover, according to Mr. Aliot, reforming the 35-hour week in the situation where we would solve nothing. I think that should be a reform of the whole because today ‘ hui, reforming the 35-hour, i.e. back to 39 hours but paid 35, would be a decrease in wages and buying power. Must rethink the world of work and also to rethink the Union world, which can be seen well today that it no longer represents anything. On the track of a reform of the social thresholds, asked to see. We would prefer, we, a real reform on immigration that weighs on salaries and employees, and that weighs on debt. Nobody spoke but we continue to welcome additional immigration while we do need, replied Mr. Aliot, for which such reform would certainly help to reduce unemployment and to see more clearly in the accounts. . You can click the following to read more regarding this interesting matter.

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Renzi relaunches on program, today the presentation of the agenda of the thousand days.   no comments

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After the European Council from which Italy has come out with the appointment of Federica Mogherini, Matteo Renzi raised the curtain today on Many days, the term by which the premier aims to lift the country out of recession and returning Italy to be the leader in Europe». At the centre there is the battle on flexibility. And Renzi has understood that it will be very difficult to soften the rigorists, Germany in particular. Just to get louder in Europe the President of the Council will outline today in a press conference at palazzo Chigi 14 interventions, and reforms of the Government. With ad hoc site dedicated to the program of the thousand days, to highlight, month after month, the progress of the action of the Government. The priority of the Jobs act not announces a new course of action by the Government, but more timely action to accomplish the reforms already put in shipyard and focus energies on priorities: jobs and growth. Especially after the latest Istat data on unemployment rising to 12.6 percent in July. Disproving those attributes to every other day the minds of early polls, Renzi wants so give another six months pass since its inception. Within the year, therefore, the Government aims to pass the Jobs act, eagerly awaited by both the EU and daMario dragons, to create, even rewriting the Statute of workers, new job opportunities. Already in the week coming up. The Senate Labor Committee, which will meet Wednesday, has almost completed the examination of the Bill Delegates. The knot of the Jobs act there is still to be resolved but the most intricate knot: the art. 18, which governs layoffs. Two hypotheses on the carpet. For the contract for an indefinite period in case of termination does not release ever more real protection of article 18 (confirmed only for cases of discrimination) but account for the payment of an indemnity amount increasing based on length of service. Or: introducing a new contract (of increasing protection plug) that for the initial three-year period provides for a freezing of article 18, who Fornero version but then would come into force. In the so-called probationary period there are forms of compensation or (depending on the choices) unemployment benefits. The Democratic Party is to this second hypothesis, as made clear two days ago the head of the party’s economic, Filippo Taddei. The Ncd of Angelino Alfano tip instead of the first. As well as civic Choice. The game of investing alongside constitutional reforms already put on the Rails, the Government will focus on growth, creating conditions to make Italy more attractive to foreign investors. «We do seriously nothing more than ads», is unleashed with its premier defends cudgels the work done in the Council of Ministers. Renzi rejects criticism of Ance on few resources contained in unlock Italy because fresh resources would be well over 3 billion. And disagrees with the criticism of Legambiente (‘ if there is oil in Basilicata was hallucinating, especially in this international situation, give it up "). While Wednesday, should go to the Council of Ministers the guise of school reform, whose approval expected in Friday’s SIP, Cdm has slipped to prevent flooding of measures. And it is also to claim the results of government action as well as to stay in touch with the real country that Matteo Renzi, how we learn, is planning a new tour in Italy in the wake of last month’s visits in Bagnoli and Termini Imerese. . For extra facts about this matter check homepage.

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CaixaBank acquires part of the activities of Barclays in Spain.   no comments

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The first Spanish bank by the volume of assets CaixaBank announced Sunday the acquisition of activities in Spain’s commercial bank, heritage management and bank company of the British Barclays for 800 million euros. Barclays remains in Spain but it will concentrate on areas where it has a distinct competitive advantage: Barclaycard and the activity of Investment Bank, says CaixaBank in a press release. Barclays has registered poor performance in its division of Bank business in the first half, which were however not prevented to see net profit jump by 68% over the period, to 1.126 billion pounds (1.4 billion euros). Engaged in a process of restructuring to depend less on this activity, the Group had announced in May the removal of 7. 000 jobs in its investment bank, on a total of 19. 000 jobs removed by 2016. With the transaction announced Sunday, CaixaBank reinforces its leadership in Spain, receiving approximately 550. 000 new customers, mainly from Bank commercial and private and personal, Bank and a network of 270 branches and nearly 2. 400 employees, pursued the Spanish bank. Third Bank in Spain by market capitalization, CaixaBank had indicated in June his interest in activities in this country of Barclays. Cash already on the most important network in Spain, with 5. 700 agencies, against 4. 000 for Santander and 3. 200 for BBVA, these two banks however a much higher market capitalization due to their strong international presence, CaixaBank has seen its net income more than doubled in the second quarter, to EUR 153 million. . Related information can be inspected clicking

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Iraq, army breaks the siege Isis in Amerli. The United States sent humanitarian aid.   no comments

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Iraqi forces broke the siege of Islamic State on Turkmen town of Amerli, in the North of the country. To make it known is the regular army spokesman, Qassim al-Moussawi, explaining that loyalist forces entered the besieged city from June 18 and began to distribute aid to the residents. The Turkmen stuck in the farming community of Amerli, located 170 km north of Baghdad, are about 15.000. In the video we see the Iraqi soldiers involved in the fighting that preceded the entry into the city.  Just Saturday, the United States announced that humanitarian mission in avereampliato Iraqanche in Amerli. The news was announced by the Pentagon, which underlined that the intervention for the release of aid took place "at the request of the Iraqi Government." "The goods delivered to respond to humanitarian crises and to protect civilians were delivered together araidcoordinati against terrorists", says the Department of Defense. Concerning the duration of American operations in the city, the Turkmen authorities have specified that will be "limited in scope and duration to respond to humanitarian crises and protect civilians".   Meanwhile the US is formulating an "integrated strategy" to areas under the control of the jihadists of Isis. In addition to Iraq, Syria also. It’s Sunday morning news that, in the country ruled by the dictator Bashar Al-Assad, the 75 Filipino UN peacekeepers who were under attack in Rwihana, on the border between Syria and Israel, have managed to get away. This was announced by the military in Manila, which specified: "we left our position, and we’ve brought with us all of our arms." "Peacekeepers," explained Lieutenant-Colonel Ramon Zagala, "were in a precarious position because of the fighting, but now they are all safe and sound." According to Philippine military sources, after Syrian rebels led a shootout at 4 kilometers from the base, the armored vehicles of the United Nations have managed to save a first group of 35 soldiers. While 40 others, according to the same reconstructions, have faced rebels Syrians in a firefight that lasted seven hours, "then walk to a Un post at 2 km away taking advantage of the night. They were then transported to the Ziuani field. The Undof, Operation Disengagement Observer Force United Nations, counts 1. 223 men from six countries (Fiji, India, the Philippines, Ireland, Netherlands and Nepal). Its mandate was recently renewed for six months until December 31, 2014. . Similar information can be found clicking article.

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World traveler with 67: If Granny grabs the wanderlust.   no comments

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If Malecka speaks of the countries which has seen them, their eyes light up. Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama. In some places, she was only a few weeks, another three months. Now she is Jazzbar in the oak in New Orleans. It is with the blue summer dress, the gray Kurzhaarfrisur and their flip flops. The other visitors, predominantly Mittzwanziger have made themselves comfortable there with cocktail glasses in his hand at the bar. Malecka sits away from the bustle, directly on the stage, and waiting for the jazz band. She understand can anyone here anyway: the pensioner speaks only Polish. It was also prohibited to make holidays in the West. I’ve always said that I do that, when I retire. For 37 years Malecka worked, first as a forester, then as a civil servant. Without break, as she emphasizes. Son and daughter were old enough, she separated from her husband. Then the children moved to Warsaw, and m came up with. After she was allowed to go into retirement at the age of 55, she took a half day job at a Trade Union. She wanted to put money aside to later break up in foreign countries. Malecka reaches into her backpack and get a digital camera. A reminder for my children, she says, before she photographed the band. She will later publish the pictures on her blog. Actually she wanted to call him retired on travel. But her daughter would have discouraged her. In Poland, no one cares for the elderly, Zofia Malecka says. Who would read as a travelogue? That’s why the blog entitled on the connection between two of America’s now. The door opens, and a young woman comes in with backpack. A new roommate, gets Malecka on Polish. The tourist introduces himself as Tiffany in New York. When the older Lady asks several times, the woman writes down the name. Malecka reaches into her purse and takes out a business card. Only one word is under their name: Podrózniczka. World Traveler. . Related info can be read checking

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Ends in Spain the escape of sick children abducted by parents to treat overseas.   no comments

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On parents of Ashya, Brett King of 51 years and Naghemeh King of 45 took the arrest-Interpol mandate-on charges of kidnapping, formalized after the interrogation of the Spanish police. Toccher now the investigators shed light on the reasons that have prompted the King to do this desperate gesture. And to understand even if it was their religion-are Jehovah’s witnesses-to affect the choice of taking the child, terminally ill, to medical care. He moved around the world the captured image from the surveillance camera English Hospital where you see the pap of Ashya push the wheelchair out of the building. The three knew little or nothing. Someone saw them for the last time to embark on a ferry to France. Immediately after the escape triggered a massive police hunt international between Great Britain and France to find the child forced to live on a wheelchair and is fed by a system whose battery would be sold out already last night. Ashya gravely ill and needs constant care. If it does not receive immediate medical care time risks his life has alarmed the staff who care little. Doctors have tried, unsuccessfully, to remove the tumor by Ashya, but then were forced to notify the family that the baby would have a short life expectancy. According to a friend of Mr and Mrs King after this terrible news that the couple would decide to seek help abroad. We wanted to offer you a better therapy, says the father of small Ashya King. Brett King, defended his choice and his wife in a video posted on YouTube before the Spanish police found the family in a hotel outside Malaga. The father said he had no other choice but to take away the little perch at Southampton General Hospital could not provide proton therapy, considered the most advanced radiotherapy for the treatment of certain cancers. We begged the doctors to undergo this therapy but they responded that in his case there would have been no benefit, says King, holding in her arms the little Ashya, connected with a tube to the machine that powers it. His father ensured that his son was very good with them, he could communicate despite the disease, and that had everything to be able to assist. He also termed as ridiculous the international hunt launched by the police. Now Ashya was rushed to a hospital in Malaga while their parents in custody awaiting the arrival of the investigators in Spain that will decide how to proceed. . Similar data can be read reading fact.

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