To vote in October? Triumphs Renzi Salvini or Thick sole competitor.   no comments

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By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) right now unrivalled Matte Renzi. If you vote in a month wins the elections. Without any doubt. He is convinced Alessandro Amadori, semiologist and a number of Coesis Research Institute, interviewed by Shaun Kitchener. it. The premier should bring home the reforms (electoral and constitutional), in order to justify the coup that has ousted Enrico Letta from Palazzo Chigi, and then go to a vote as soon as possible. Already in autumn or in spring next year. And this might really be the intention of the leaders of the Democratic Party. going to elections immediately, or at least soon, before competitors can regroup. Kill the ‘ Dragon ‘ as long as it is small. Would win hands down. And the Center? Who could compete with Renzi perspective? Amadori indicates two names: Matteo Salvini and Raffaele Fitto. In pole position is the Secretary of Lega Nord. Has the experience at the helm of a party and good people’s driving skills. Should put more than his jacket and tie and have a more strategic vision. In this way could launch a takeover bid on a centre right now in disarray. It depends on him and if you have the desire to grow. In a year could be an interesting bet. In the second measure there is Dense, even if they are to evaluate its capacity for growth. Giorgia Meloni? Too local, Roman leader, and linked to the social right. Angelino Alfano? Always counts down the mechanism of treason, now that Silvio Berlusconi has been rehabilitated. Has turned its back on its leader at a time of difficulty. One thing is certainly not noble. . You must read this source to learn extra regarding this great topic.

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Gabriel speaks a word of power to the toll.   no comments

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CDU Deputy Chairman Armin Laschet criticized the plans as damaging for "growing together food and economies" as his State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the "Rheinische post" by Wednesday morning. "I don’t think that the proposal is Europe right compatible." A toll on all city -, district -, and state roads act as an entrance fee for foreigners. This is a date not in the coalition agreement. The North Rhine-Westphalian CDU Chairman in the toll, as it is currently planned, also provides a limitation of the rights of local authorities: "If a city such as Aachen or a circle like Cleves or Viersen has built a road, I think impossible that a German Transport Minister against the wishes of the municipality that levies a fee it legally." It was in terms of financial constitution law and responsibilities is still "not discussed at all", criticised Mr Laschet. If affected communities for their rights, there would be "close to the toll", the CDU Deputy Chairman predicted. Also Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) had registered doubts about the toll plans in recent days. He complained that some 50 million circulation notices should – be recreated what is a high cost. Car drivers in the country will no longer have to pay through the toll, therefore they are relieved individually in turn when the car tax. . For additional facts about this subject read

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The Russia challenge of Ukrainian refugees.   no comments

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Since the beginning of the crisis, more than 500. 000 people came into Russia. Moscow has released more than 100 million euros and looking for a way to anchor these populations. This is the other side of the Ukrainian conflict between loyalists to Kiev and pro-Russian separatists: since the beginning of the crisis last spring, more than half a million Ukrainians-515. 000 according to the latest Russian official figures – found refuge in Russia to escape the combat areas east of the country. This growing influx poses in Moscow many logistical challenges: how and where to accommodate these new populations? The Russian authorities have already released EUR 103 million and are preparing to pay 16 million euros in addition to the federal immigration service that provides first aid and temporary shelter to refugees. A decree which provides for the possibility for these Ukrainians, mostly Russian-speaking, to benefit from a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship is being drafted. Similarly, the procedure for applying for asylum has been reviewed: instead of take three months, it is now considered in three days. The allowed number of foreigners could obtain a temporary residence permit has been multiplied by two. Which may, ultimately, be an asset. "The Russia lack of inhabitants and workforce. And there are tens of thousands of people who are close to our mentality, our language and our culture", argues the centre of social policy of the Institute of Economics in Moscow. . Root source could be read checking the following site.

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Photo Gallery: Wearables and quantified self: self measurement on the wrist.   no comments

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The Galaxy gear fit Samsung is not a pure fitness Tracker, but can some pure specialists in this discipline also offer – and a little more. That smart watch relatively narrow casing for a houses a touch-sensitive OLED screen like him have many Samsung phones. A sensor, the gear fit measures the pulse rate (160 euros). The deviations from the recording by chest strap were tolerable – what may be different but individually. Unfortunately, the watch only with Samsung devices speaks. So she does, you must first install the associated app and AB nod all sorts of terms and privacy stuff. The device registers steps and monitored the sleep. It also indicates incoming SMS, calls, or emails on request, including on the Smartphone. On the small screen but not much to see and to lenses in meetings constantly on the watch, is only marginally less annoying than to look on the phone. . Root source can be found clicking the following website.

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Taking photographs with the iPhone and Android: these are the best photo apps.   no comments

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Summer time is time – and more and more people take their holiday snaps with your Smartphone. Cheap digital cameras get increasingly out of the suitcases. Because most Smartphone cameras control what can a 80-Euro – camera, too. And even more: in addition to the built-in camera program, you will find thousands of photo applications in Apple’s app store and Google play. The magazine PC magazine presents the best photo apps for iPhone, Android and co, Stratos HiDrive is actually an online store similar to dropbox. Android and Win8 users can use the app (free) also create photo galleries and share with friends. Some photo applications are aimed at a specific audience: the app cat snaps (Apple iOS and Android, free) absorbs Selfies – from cats. A point on the screen whizzes back and forth. The cat caught the point with the paw, the camera takes a picture. Our test cat showed but no interest in the game. . For more insights regarding this topic check

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Gaza conflict: Lufthansa cut all flights to Tel Aviv.   no comments

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Washington – the Lufthansa Group sets its flights to Tel Aviv for the first 36 hours. As the company announced on Tuesday evening that the flights are affected Lufthansa, Germanwings, Lufthansa and Swiss. The decision was justified with the uncertain situation at the Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. A number of airlines had announced in the early evening their waiver of flights to and from Tel Aviv. The American airline Delta had made the start. The international airport of Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv will no longer flights until further notice, Delta announced on Tuesday. Also flights from Tel Aviv to New York, where the airline has a hub, had been deleted. The reason is the highly tense situation because of the Gaza conflict. The company had to redirect a Boeing 747 with 290 people on Board at Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris according to own statements on Tuesday, because there had been reports of a missile or related debris close to the Ben-Gurion Airport. . Similar facts can be found reading

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Palestine Ambassador: the core problem is the occupation.   no comments

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Mow: This war is not waged against Hamas, but against 1.8 million people in Gaza. These people were already living under siege. The war will be waged against all Palestinians. It concerns all eleven million Palestinians–whether in Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, in Israel or elsewhere in the world. We see: the expulsion takes no end, civilians and children die. All of this is attributed to the core problem: the crew. Mow: I represent my people, but also the PLO, which has for years on negotiations and diplomacy here. We try on international law to improve the situation. Unfortunately Israel has not acknowledged that. And also the world community is not able to impose a political solution. The problem concerns not only Hamas, but also the extremists in Israel who make impossible any political solution. All our political efforts have led to no result – and therefore is now trying to organize resistance to the occupation by other means. The majority of Palestinians want a peaceful resistance. The international community must provide, so that there is at the end of a two-State solution. Mow: The situation in Gaza due to the lack of opportunities there. Over the past seven years we could not rebuild Gaza as Palestinian leadership. It was under siege. I want to justify anything, but the rockets from the Gaza Strip are very primitive, homemade. There was rarely injured in Israel. The effect of the missiles should not be overestimated. tagesschau. de: see the occupation as the core problem. But I can hardly hear a clear distancing from missile attacks or criticism of the situation in Gaza, where tunnels be build but no shelters. . Additional data can be read reading homepage.

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Corrupt politicians: teen invents the application that unmasks them.   no comments

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This passion for coding and policy, interviewed by Vice, said wanting to push US politicians for greater transparency. When you pass over a name with your mouse, a page appears where you can see the amounts received and donors, he said. So easy to know if a politician opposing environmental legislation has received a large sum of money from an oil company or an elected official to receive more contributions from the medical industry or law firms. I want that Greenhouse is a non-partisan tool. What worries me is the huge amount of money that is injected into the system because there are really many. When people are informed, they can reject the elect who are motivated more by money than by the principles. I hope that Greenhouse allows readers to see the story of money behind the news, he added. The app can also see the percentage of contribution made by U.S. citizens rather than by different industries. In addition, Nick Rubin tweet every day a Story Of The Day, i.e. a news on which the use of Greenhouse reveals a problem of interest. . Main data can be found reading this

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Il riformista Joko Widodo wins presidential elections in Indonesia.   no comments

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According to figures released, Jokowi-as it is called Widodo-got 53.15% of the vote against 46.85% of Prabowo. A narrow victory, as fundamental the last polls but Prabowo objected, accusing his rival of fraud and asking-before they were announced a postponement in the dissemination of official results. «An electoral victory is the victory of democracy, "said on his Facebook page Widodo, expressing appreciation for the democratic process. Until the 1998 Indonesia was under the authoritarian regime of General Suharto. Born in a slum on the banks of the River, very popular thanks to the simple methods used by the Governor of Jakarta, the 53-year Widodo is seen favourably by international investors, hoping that the new President, considered a reformist, with great pragmatism, instill a new boost in what is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with 250 million inhabitants. Prabowo, former dictator Suharto’s son-in-law and suspected of human rights abuses in the days when he led special forces, is from a wealthy family and was proposed as a strong man, however arousing fear of a setback in democratic freedoms. The election campaign has been one of the most divisive in the history of the country, and fear that they can repeat the violence erupted at the time of Suharto’s fall has prompted security forces to deploy approximately 250,000 agents throughout Indonesia. The start of the five-year term by Widodo, who takes over after ten years to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is scheduled for October, but Prabowo would still have three days to appeal against the results to the Constitutional Court. An action that one of his lawyers has for the moment ruled out. If the process could be slowed down: a period of uncertainty with potential economic impact. . For extra data about this matter click

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Rowing: Medals from the Minister.   no comments

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Finally, with red cheeks, two winners received their medals. Herrmann smiled kindly, said great!, the parents took pictures. Even were this weekend many young people at the plant and mostly not for sunbathing, but to the sports. 69 in the student and junior class were contested by 99 race. Thus, almost 350 of about 500 athletes at the start were younger than 19 years. Most came from the rowing society Munich 1972 (RGM), and accordingly, the RGM had mostly the nose this weekend front. Julia and Luisa were the exception. The figures are the result of our intensive youth work, says Willi Bock of the RGM. Over 120 talents trained by nine workers are at the Club currently regularly in the boat. We are a role model in this respect nationwide says Bock. The sporting results agree with him. In the overall standings of the Bavarian Youth Cup landed the RGM with 654 points for the third time in a row on the first place and the left clearly behind ARC Würzburg (246) and the Munich rowing and sailing club Bayern (MRSV, 204). It was that the RGM in combat to the Bavarian Lion, the challenge for the successful Bavarian Club, as 2013 at the front was thus first and foremost the merit of the boys. The projection on the Munich Rowing Club (MRC, 839 points) was clearer than expected, as buck summarized it with 1392 points. The RGM with 19 top was also at the number of race wins. The MRC was ahead only in the Audi Cup, the prize for the best team in the men/women range. What is a fact, that in the adult class rowers from all over Germany, which eventually moved to Munich. Either way, the future seems to belong to the rowing community. Just three weeks ago a Munich junior has caught up for a long time again gold at the German Youth Championships: Maximilian Gronau in the lightweight quadruple sculls. But it is not all gold that glitters in the Munich rowing. Quite the contrary. The Olympic system is badly in need of rehabilitation. Hardly anything has been made since 1972. . You can check the following to read more on this amazing matter.

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