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Frankfurt airport adheres Mac hacek according to the recommendations of the competent health authorities, which is a close contact for many years. Moreover, currently no special security measures were taken. Not confirm he can the note of Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine, there would be thermal imaging cameras, with which with could be detected in Frankfurt. "We had a camera in the testing, have considered but not suitable for you."  But would the doctors of the health authorities and the airport clarify it first in such a suspicion, whether the traveler actually has infected with Ebola. This is done in a three-stage history procedure: first the doctors try to find out whether the patient has stopped in the past three weeks in an Ebola area. If this the case have been, they clarify whether he has arrived at this time with other diseased in contact with body fluids or ate infected meat. And finally, the doctors of the authority and the airport check whether Ebola may actually indicate the symptoms. Also by the Lufthansa it means: we follow the development, as usual, in such situations, very attentive and will decide if necessary in cooperation with the competent authorities proceed; said spokeswoman Lee Mi-Kyung. According to the information known to us is no danger of transmission over the air circulation on board during a flight, because contact with body fluids of patients is required for infection. "Infection is only possible if someone with bodily fluids come from diseased or dead in Ebola people in contact."Such contacts are easy to avoid, because neither they themselves nor their excretions are contagious during the incubation period, in which sufferers show have no symptoms,"Sadek said. In addition you can connect by eating diseased wild animals, so-called "bushmeat". . Main facts may be studied reading this

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LAN ant its troisi me offensive in seven years against Hamas, IDF has not t, this time behind a war? R resistance from the Palestinian organization in power in Gaza since 2007 has, by his own admission, surprised the arm e isra lienne. In principle limit e days, op ration protective border continues for three weeks without the Government of Isra l risk d now revoke a ch ance. And the balance sheet, c t of the IDF, worsens – 43 soldiers dead, the date of 28 July, three times more d j that the total loss of lead hardened (2008) and pillar of defence (2012). In 2006, in South Lebanon, the e arm e committed against Hezbollah had d plör the deaths of 119 soldiers. Partially rep s r from the sky, these tunnels no longer have much do with those first g n ration, fragile galleries used es to deliver products and weapons smuggling from Egypt, including the new military power, in Cairo, has, apparently, m thodiquement ordonn destruction. After the isra links experts, new underground infrastructures have a more offensive role. And if Binyamin Netanyahu d cid to assume the risk of a commitment on the ground, still potentially murderer and much more random, that is because the Prime Minister isra link has t led politicians calculations, convinced by his intelligence services of the danger that repr felt existence m me of these tunnels. Creus s 10 20 m very underground, sometimes 30 m very, on a few kilom very, b s tonn on a height average 1.70 m pole for a width of 80 centimeters s localis and very in East or North of the band from Gaza, they should facilitate infiltration of commandos in Israel. In the d destroying the explosive, IDF has beautiful game to ensure it pr comes thus from future terrorist attacks. Indeed, his soldiers claim to have covered d uniforms,. isra links and chloroform, evidence, IDF, as movements were planning enl. Of other tunnels under the city of Gaza, s situ purpose under houses, the mosqu es and hospitals h, so either to deter the enemy hit, either to use for propaganda potential damage collat raux, would serve as centres of operation and storage of weapons or rocket-launching ramps. There are four five years, their missiles could hit the neighbouring cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod, said Dominique Thomas, researcher the Institute of studies of islam and the soci t s of the Muslim world. D now, they arrive until Ha fa and J rusalem and carry heavier explosives. M me if their lack of pr decision [Editor's Note: absence of elements of guidance and radar,.] decreases their effectiveness, this increased ballistic capability is in the eyes of Hamas d j a victory in itself. Have doubtlessly momentan ment international airport has traffic Ben Gourion is a powerful symbol. Analysis e shared by Jean-Fran ois Legrain, of the Institute of research and studies on the Arab and Muslim world of the CNRS: first and foremost, the gain is psychological: Hamas is aware of the limit rational op of its rockets, but it turns out sorganiser the Isra normalit l d r. And what a ridiculous price. While each shot interception of D me iron – 495 dated July 28 – co you tens of thousands of dollars, the Pug your Palestinian manufactured es on the spot, they have a t co although inf inside. It is strat gie of the weakest in the unbal cudgel war. A tube on which welding four or five fins, an explosive, and voil a primary rocket for less than $ 1,000, which can reach a stock, sometimes storage in some schools. Others, like that t e envoy on Ha fa on 8 July, are more labor es. E Baptis R-160 (R for Rantissi, co-founder of Hamas; 160 d sign the e kilom very port), this rocket was t e claimed by the Brigades of Ezzedine al-Qassam, the arm of Hamas, 4000 5000 men strong. Effect research by Hamas is obvious and r resulted from a triple cynical calculation: push the enemy smudging, increase the number of civilian casualties so both to serve the cause of Isra l and accustom the Palestinian population, increasingly d sesp e r, a level extr me violence to facilitate recruitment, establish its supr faizan against jihadist groups that today deliver the m me war but with means more limit s. ISRA l can s d during tender pr d d definitively destroy the military ability of Hamas so that the Palestinian organization, not content to reconstitute its forces, has managed the increase and has closer its termination d wear iron and fire deep in the enemy? How, even more so tomorrow than yesterday, a primer of political discussions then m me that Hamas has demonstrated its resilience r? When IDF soldiers are removed from Gaza, with a tactical victory, and that will come r bending time cold, it is, once again, on the concept m me of protection require the Isra GHG l strat floor. With still the m me nagging question: o are the best borders of the Jewish State? � . You should click the following source to discover more on this amazing subject.

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Case Matacena, Dda asks immediate judgment for Scajola and Chiara Rizzo.   no comments

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The former Minister and the wife of Matacena are accused of attempting to steal the same former Deputy to Atonement of the penalty by transfer from Dubai to Beirut, Lebanon, a country where it is more difficult to obtain extradition. It ‘ came the request for immediate review by the Dda of Reggio Calabria for the former Minister Claudio Scajola. The Anti-mafia investigators have called for the process to Clear Rizzo and Martino Parthasarathy. All three are currently under house arrest as part of the investigation on alleged State aid a fugitive by Amedeo Matacena, former Deputy to Italy Force definitively convicted for Mafia Association external competition. Specifically to Scajola will be challenged trying to avoid to Matacena atonement of the penalty by transfer from Dubai, where he currently resides, in Beirut, in Lebanon, considered a country where it is more difficult to obtain extradition. The same accusation is disputed even the wife of the same Matacena and handyman of the former politician, who are believed to be responsible for the Dda also have tried to disguise the Matacena capital to subtract any seizures. Instead prosecutors haven’t disputed the aggravating circumstance provided for by art. 7 have helped the ‘ ndrangheta. Scajola was arrested on May 8. The former Minister had been stopped while in a Rome hotel.  A month after the former PDL had been granted house arrest. Among the other five suspects in the investigation include the same Matacena implemented, meanwhile, the Supreme Court has reduced the sentence for Mafia Association external competition from 5 to 3 years. The other suspects are former Deputy’s mother, Raffaella De Carolis, former political Secretary Maria Grazia Faulkner, Secretary of Scajola, Roberta Lot, and the CEO of Amadeus, the holding company of the family, Antonio Matacena Chillemi. Their positions have been deleted. The Reggio Calabria gup Barbara Bennato has five days to accept or reject the request of the Dda. For more information on this topic visit

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This concern (see this fear) was forged when members of my family (my cousin and my cousin) with nothing a priori anti-Semitic, have been contaminated by the virus Dieudonné and contracted a disease that seems hardly curable: anti-Semitism. The term incurable disease concerning anti-Semitism seems appropriate. When someone is hit, it is irreversible. Being in summer review (law studies), I spend three-quarters of my time on my computer. Between each court, I walk on social networks. As too often, I deplore the fact that many people transform their Facebook wall of propaganda (Julien Carpentier, Rue 89). Between pro-Hamas terrorist organization that uses its population to take power and that hiding rockets in schools, and pro-Israel political ventantla of questionable colonization of their State, Manichaeism is de rigueur. The time is tragic. There are dead. It is clear that there is more than one side on the other. However, we are not in a board game type power 4 or there are the points at the end. It was not a good and a bad guy, the villain being the one who made the most of death. There’s a complex geopolitical situation. I did not claim to be able to analyze it. How not to imagine the delight of these bureaucrats, one of them pretends to sociologist (without yet no official qualification except that of Professor of boxing)? Between pro-Palestinian demonstrations prohibited by the State, the number of deaths larger on one side than the other, derivatives of the JDL, anti-Semitic demand will do that to grow and supply increase. If the fiction policy, one can even imagine that the guideline of this new trend can be taken up by the FN party more conformist but less jester. Dieudonné enthusiasts are increasingly numerous. For many, it’s useful idiots, people in good faith but manipulated. The useful idiot is the base of an electorate. It is the latter that spread the ideology and who will go to vote. This concept served as the election of Hitler and the spread of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The last European elections showed that should count with the extreme right. . For extra information regarding this topic visit

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The Ukrainian military is advancing according to own statements in several cities. There were constant struggles with the pro-Russian separatists. The press service of the Ukrainian army for military use declared that the troops had penetrated into the towns Schachtarsk and gate. Includes the villages of Perwomaysk and Snischne, there was fighting with the goal of perfect liberation. The strategic Hill of Sawur Mogyla was again in the hands of the army. From this place, the separatists should have shot repeatedly on Ukrainian soldiers. Numerous civilians to the victims fell fighting between government troops and militias in populated areas, thousands had fled. To be precise, Since mid-April people were killed according to the United Nations in the conflict at least 1129 and injured more than 3400. More than 100 000 were people on the run. The number of persons killed since April more in 356 lay in a UN report by June 18. The Red Cross had classified as civil war last week for the first time the conflict in the East of Ukraine. . You should check this to learn extra on this interesting matter.

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The proposal, explained the Governor lombardo and art critic, is to have the statues on loan "even for a limited period of two months ‘ in Exchange for two paintings by Caravaggio, which could temporarily cede Fec at the Museum of Reggio Calabria. "I must meet on Wednesday, Minister Fernandez to discuss it," said Maroni, who chose Sgarbi as Ambassador Expo for the fine arts. The choice of Vittorio Sgarbi as «fine arts» Ambassador for Expo by the Lombard Council of Roberto Maroni alongside that of cyclist Felice Gimondi for sport, Philippe Daverio per la cultura, Carlo Cracco and Gaetana Iacono for wine. "We must ensure that the Expo of ignorant», he immediately attacked the art critic, at a press conference at Palazzo Lombardia with Maroni. Sgarbi has been appointed by the Lombard Council, explained the Governor, the Board of Directors of the Fondazione Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi with the words ‘ non-binding ‘ of the President. «I will post free of charge, "argued the former Councillor for culture of the municipality of Milan. . For extra data about this topic visit

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Fiorentina withdraws its support for the candidature of Carlo Tavecchio Figc Presidency. The announcement to Irna the President’s Jose Mario viola, declaring: Fiorentina, faithful to its ethical and civil values, in the light of the recent statement of Mr. Tavecchio, believes no longer tenable his candidacy. The Sampdoria player Stefano Okaka, Perugia-born Nigerian parents in curriculum among others also the Under 21 team, intervened with force at slide slide unhappy about foreigners and Tavecchio bananas on the day of the descent of formal head of the amateurs in the race for the Presidency of the Football Association. All the people should have already convinced to take a step back-says-sorry in 2014 player feel certain things. Meanwhile, completes the scenario for the climb at Ferdercalcio. Demetrio Albertini formalized his candidacy for President. The former player of AC Milan and the national team has presented its programme in the afternoon at the Federal Secretariat, with signatures of crediting as candidate for President of the Figc technical components, the Association footballers and Coaches Association. In recent days had submitted his candidacy Carlo Tavecchio, supported by ‘ its ‘ amateurs, from A League B League, and Pro League. The duel then restricted to Albertini and Tavecchio, with the deadline to 24 date for the submission of candidatures. . Related facts can be found visiting

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The five thousand dowry brought to the world of non-profits three and a half billion euros from 2006 to today. The funds, however, the Court of Auditors now wants to get some light. Beneficiaries now are almost 50 thousand, by research bodies to amateur sports clubs, and compete for the Italians ‘ signatures on the Declaration of incomes by means of advertising, newsletters and other initiatives. But the choices are truly free taxpayers, as provided for in the rules? Why not make public bodies manage receipts? And would it not be appropriate to select more rigorously potential beneficiaries? If you want the accounting magistrates, who have put pen to paper and wrote seven ministries, at the entrances, the cones, the orders of accountants and business advisers and Consults the Caf, to ask what initiatives will the field for greater transparency. The Court of Auditors says that Yes, simplify the cumbersome procedures of five per thousand would be appropriate, but also force organizations must publish budgets, using «clear diagrams, transparent and easy to understand. " And here is the first node. Next to large organizations, such as Emergency, Airc, the Italian Association against leukemia (just to name a few), which on its website explain how they spent the money allocated by the taxpayers, there are other, even in the top positions of the League, which does not publish a number. In fact, put on the net accounting is not required: the document must be sent to ministries that deliver the only contribution by grossing more than 20,000 euros. But this step is likely to be formal only, without any clear information for taxpayers who have awarded an organization with its own signature. The choice, then, should be free, but according to the Court of Auditors is not always. In his letter to the prosecutors, the Court emphasises that ‘ would be very useful for the audit of the agenzia delle Entrate on behaviour of intermediaries, in order to identify any misconduct. " The Court also highlights the potential conflict of interest with the optanti» by those realities directly managing a network of Caf (as the Acli and Christian workers ‘ movement) or the «eligible associations of Caf Confederation of emanation». And here the accounting magistrates cite examples of the Cgil (Auser and Federconsumatori) and the Icftu (Adiconsum and Iscos). Some of these individuals we place always in top ranking positions for funds received, but this of course does not prove anything wrong: rather, it is evidence that the current rules tend to favor the larger entities (for number of offices, resources by investing in advertising and so on). . Root data may be found visiting this web site.

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Nibali King of France. Napolitano’s greeting. The Italy discovers the specimen normal.   no comments

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Tutti pazzi per Vincenzo Nibali. The day after the triumph of the young across Italy Messina, realizes that something extraordinary happened. And not only in the world of cycling and sports. Will we live a strange swollen summer rain and dry sports scores, but see worldwide an Italian on the throne, and two French downhill, right in front of the Arc de Triomphe, is not something that happens every day. Let’s face it: absolute, revenge is one of those things that reopen the eternal challenge gives way to a dear cousins, nothing controversial, for heaven’s sake, but in a country where for a few years, we are always on the front page for everything that goes wrong, and the sinking of a ship becomes a show, it’s only natural that a yellow Jersey Italy in Paris raises many points of GDP (national pride ,. the French who is pissed off with balls that even the run, etc.). President Napolitano, who in these things has a certain flair, thanks Nibali with a message that emphasizes that his victory gives honor to Italy. It is even more beautiful than I could imagine tells Nibali and understand that his next target would be the World Championship. The shark, as it is nicknamed for his bite racing, does not stop. After the party at night in a room of the Champs Elysees, Vincent moves to Belgium Aalst, a small town in Flanders where the new yellow Jersey open circuit a week before returning to Italy where he is also expected in Rome, a meeting with premier Radio. Tutti pazzi per Nibali, although he remains as always. Still, even normal in an event that normally has very little. Vincent is the seventh Italian to win the Tour, 16 years after the last victory of Marco Pantani. And for that you have to go back to previous Felice Gimondi and happy years of boom (1965) as always, in these cases, on the bandwagon of Nibali now all gainers. But who would have bet a month ago on this guy’s victory of Messina that the great majority of Italians even knew who he was?Let’s face it: none. Not so amazing. That is, with four stage wins and with about 8 minutes on the two closest opponents (the French Peraud and Pinot). In addition, In order not to miss anything, Vincenzo has taken the yellow jersey for 19 days. Are things which we are more accustomed. For one thing, excluding Armstrong for known reasons, was since 1974 that the yellow Jersey there was 4 stage wins. And the yellow Jersey was a certain Eddy Merckx, i.e. a monster which was nicknamed the Cannibal, nickname for assonance refer to Nibali. . Similar information can be found clicking

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Eyes glued to the screen, his hand on a joystick, an operator operates remotely a saw, which methodically cuts metal rods. Contrary to appearances, it is not a video game, it breaks up a nuclear reactor that rest of the reactor of the Obrigheim of EnBW power Рon its initial 24 tons, 16 have already been put into pieces Рis immersed, and shelter in a room where nobody is ever for more than ten minutes. Each step is carried out by hand, remotely, explains Michael Hillmann, engineer on the site. Central Obrigheim, nestled in the Valley of the Neckar (southwest), stopped producing electricity in May 2005, after 37 years of service, as part of the output of the atom decided at the beginning of the Decade by the Government of Gerhard Schr̦der and then reaffirmed by Angela Merkel. The actual decommissioning began in 2008, at the end of a long phase of preparation which involves planning and validation by the authorities concerned all the steps in detail. Isolation of each of the small cut this day stems there is recorded one by one, as the order in which it must be carried out. In all, these are 275. 000 tonnes of material that should be in pieces, of which less than 1%, about 2. 000 tonnes, are radioactive. All should be completed between 2020 and 2025, said Manfred M̦ller, responsible for operations on the site. Offices and warehouses, for many already empty, could one day be of interest to other users, and perhaps even the characteristic dome which housed the reactor. The site employs more than 170 of the 300 people working there Рbut everything is done without layoffs, precise M̦ller. In addition some 150 employees of subcontractors. -No storage Рwith Obrigheim site, EnBW is handmade. The operator, which has long counted the french EDF among its shareholders, will have as its German competitors gradually stop all its nuclear plants, and dismantle them. Two of his other four reactors were stopped on the Government agenda after Fukushima, the other two were still a few years before them. Neckarwestheim II will be the last German reactor to stop in 2022, among the nine still in activity in the territory. Operators financing the dismantling of their plants through provisions incorporated over the years. EnBW has set aside more than 7 billion euros, the four German operators (EON, RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW) in all some 30 billion euros. EnBW in feels until 2040 to here to ensure that everything is completed. With a huge unknown and a problem to solve: the country is still not has a final storage site for highly radioactive waste. The process of finding a suitable site, which has already taken years, presented by the Government of Angela Merkel. In the meantime, operators store the waste in temporary sites. We must have the opportunity to get rid of waste, it is an integral part of the energy transition, calls M̦ller to the attention of the public authorities. These are traders who finance the search for a site, and more they spend for this purpose, more concerns grow on their capacity to finance the decommissioning of reactors. The Obrigheim site experience will benefit EnBW internally, but it could also help develop a new field of activity, says company spokesman Ulrich Schr̦der. The dismantling of nuclear power plants has before him in Germany and abroad. We now have a real skill in dismantling, management and recycling of waste, ahead of Mr Schroeder. EnBW also enlisted the services of a subcontractor: EWN, heir to a combinat of GDR, now owned by the German State, specialist of nuclear decommissioning. Also in its backlog: the elimination of 120 Russian nuclear submarines. . You must check this home page to learn extra regarding this great topic.

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