«Organizational dysfunction» at the origin of the disaster of Brétigny.   no comments

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The rail disaster of Brétigny-sur-Orge results above all organizational dysfunction, according to a report at the request of the Committee of hygiene, safety and working conditions (CHSCT) of the establishment of infrastructure that depends on this station in the Paris suburbs. The accident of July 12, 2013 is primarily the result of organizational dysfunction, noted in this report, that the Agency France-Presse could consult, confirming information of the specialized letter Mobilettre.  He said that the accident has suddenly materialized deficiencies on the prevention of the risks resulting from derivatives and oldest disorders in the organisation of work, in its modes of supervision, pilotage as much as in the means implemented.  These derivatives and its disorders themselves are amplified in time without that corrective measures up to the challenges have been taken, added the report. The Apteis cabinet yesterday presented this report to the CHSCT of the Southwest infrapole establishment Ile-de-France region, which depends on Brétigny-sur-Orge.  It points to, inter alia, a trivialization of labour in emergency, resulting from the delay of maintenance of an aging network and the reduction of the skilled workforce, recruited those who need to be trained.  Brétigny as elsewhere, the Decade of the 2000s saw the field operate from numerous mergers and reorganizations which were accompanied by drastic reductions in resources, material and human, is he yet written, with on this sector, a situation aggravated by significant circulations. This report, which is not a legal document, will be presented to the members of the CHSCT November 12.  RFF and SNCF have confirmed the existence of this report, but did not wish to comment on it. In early July, a forensic report had severely questioned the rules of maintenance, and noted many deficiencies in monitoring and traceability of operations on this site. . You must read this http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu to learn extra on this great topic.

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Rampage: Student shot his friends in the canteen.   no comments

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A student has shot a man during a rampage in the US State of Washington and is then himself killed. Three critically injured young people were taken to a hospital and there is emergency surgery. Had head wounds and were in critical condition, doctors said late Friday evening. An another injured youth was not in danger. The shots were apparently fired in the canteen. "I heard a loud bang", a student named Jordan said CNN channel. "Then followed by still four or five more, shouted the students and are thrown on the floor, some ran away." His classmates Austin TV station King said that the shooter had sat together until "calm" with other students in the cafeteria and then suddenly opened fire. "I’ve seen how three children at the table have fallen together, as if they would fall to the ground dead." CNN reported that it involved a boy who was popular with his classmates and played on the football team. He had been in the class and thus about 14 years old in the ninth. Eyewitnesses reported that the victims were friends of the shooters. A student of the "Seattle Times" said that a not replied crush for a student, who didn’t want to go out with him, could be the reason for the rampage. The perpetrators should have targeted them, also. Always fatal shots in schools fall into the United States. After the rampage at an elementary school in Newtown with 20 dead first graders in December 2012, President Barack Obama sought tougher gun laws. The planned reforms, including stricter checking gun buyers and a ban on semi-automatic rifles, but failed in Congress. . You must click this http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu to learn more about this interesting topic.

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Legislative in Tunisia: the dream of the Islamists.   no comments

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Is an election that promises to be crucial for the Tunisia and its stability. But it is in an atmosphere of gloom that Tunisians are called to the polls Sunday for legislative elections, then on 23 November for the presidential. Nearly four years after the revolution that brought an end to the dictatorship of Ben Ali, the campaign was marked by disappointment, on a background of unemployment and insecurity. Two parties leave heavily favored: the Islamists of Ennahda, who have been in power for two years, until early 2014, and the party Nidaa tunes (call of the Tunisia) veteran Béji caïd Essebsi (who at age 87 will be presidential candidate), which gathers opponents of Ben Ali, but also alumni of the regime. The Islamists, who had come out winners of the first Tunisian free elections in 2011 before being forced to leave power, have put the package to mobilize their troops during the campaign. Ghannouchi hopes a tidal wave of big capacity, they organized meetings everywhere. Their leader, Rached Ghannouchi, has urged voters to give "another chance" to his training, which in the aftermath of the revolution had therefore directed the Tunisia for two years in a troika with two secular parties: Congress for the Republic of Moncef Marzouki and Ettakatol (Socialist) of the president of the outgoing constituent Assembly Mustapha Ben Jaafar. «We have achieved the first objective of the revolution that is freedom, stresses Ghannouchi.» We have not created an economic miracle. But our economic record is better than that of technocrats who have taken over from the troika.  » Sunday, he hopes a tidal wave for, he said, "achieving the second objective of the revolution: development and social justice. His great rival, the Nidaa tunes party, wants to believe in the rout of the Islamists and intends to embody an alternative. "He who will not vote George, he voted Ennahda. "And that means voting for the troika that three years has pulled the Tunisia back», hammered Béji caïd Essebsi. Ghannouchi, him, is confident. During this campaign, Ennahda has endeavoured to present a face open and accommodating. Some ultras were left out of the electoral lists. The leader of the party thoroughly played the card of moderate Islamism, saying even democratic to the point of irritating his opponents, including women who remind him the emergence of "from Islamist factions within its ranks and which spread terror." Ghannouchi says leaving the power during the "national dialogue" for the good of the Tunisia. But he wants to republish the kick of 2011 when his movement was raised head face divided democratic parties, as is still the case in 2014. If the polls place it at the top, the Islamist party may be proud to now have hands free to carry out, on behalf of democracy, its projects. . Main source may be read checking this http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu.

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Aston Martin vanquish Volante V12 s sleek, chic and classy, but & #133;   no comments

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You realize that an Aston Martin in a genuine manufacture occurs on the finely stitched leather which covers the comfortable sport seats with cheeks surrounding the stop. There is no lack of leather in the cockpit. Feels fine and also looks and also the carbon applications fit into the sleek British. Yet in the Middle plastic hand and eye cheap acting. We’re already on the subject: the infotainment system displays a graphic, as they at times of ur PlayStation, which was the measure of all things well a decade ago: Pixelige fonts and a navigation appearance on an opening small monitor, the graphics of the certainly not impressive Porsche pilot, high-tech act like that can be. The fine-scaled circular instruments go through a sense of tradition. But the whole thing disappears behind the horizon of consciousness, if only to swallowed the key (what!) and then the six litre steam hammer from twelve throats rumbles with the strength of 576 HP full of aggressiveness. The vanquish Volante V12 S rolls go button on D. However you have to be already stable, to the insistence of the predator under the long hood, the lens according to about to be let off the leash, not to give in to begging,. In addition, that the automated sequential gearbox in pure automatic mode during each switching process provokes a slight nod. This is in the nature of things. So taking happiness yourself in the hand or in the shift paddles for the Volante V12 S. Then, the moving of the shapely British makes even more fun. It is sharp, the vanquish with the sport button tighten up the adaptive dampers, the steering is slightly stiffer and the throttle response is direct. Only real skill on the valance should completely disable the three-stage ESP. Because the prancing rear quick wrists are needed in case of a fall. . Inspirational facts could be found visiting the following http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu.

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Cameron furious on the budget: do not pay 2 billion more. «Right Renzi, lethal weapon ‘ extra costs.   no comments

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Attack by David Cameron to ‘ totally unjustified ‘ account that was delivered to Great Britain from the European Union: 2.2 billion euros more capital for 4 years. In the press conference after the EU Council in Brussels, Cameron mentioned words expressed during the work by Matteo Renzi Chairman of the Board, of which he said have support on this matter. According to reports from Cameron, Renzi said that "people do not understand, this is not a number but a lethal weapon that leads people to think that the European Commission consist of technocrats» out of the reality. And ‘ I share these words from the first to the last, "added the British Prime Minister. The Italy must pay an extra 340 million Italy risks having to pay approximately 340 million extra to EU Commission within a few weeks, depending on the recalculation of GDP and related Vat contributions during the years 1995 to 2013. The figure is not final, we read in the paper that Brussels has sent to 28: the exact figure will be announced in November. To pay the highest tribute will be the United Kingdom, equal to 2.125 billion, while 779 million in discounts and 1.02 billion are planned for Germany and France respectively. According to the law in Brussels, payment is due in the first working day of December 2014 ". And the Commission services are said to be "aware that in some cases this may have a significant budget impact in terms of cash flows". The better performance of developing countries called for a greater contribution, also depends on the calculation methodology revision of GDP according to the Sec, 2010 and by a greater amount of VAT. . You must read the following http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu to discover extra about this interesting subject.

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Home, extending a bonus deal for the treasure.   no comments

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The extension of two tax bonus for work at home, that of 50% for the building and recovery of 65% for energy savings? A deal for the treasure. From the tables of the technical report on the stability law comes out that State altogether 684.5 million earns between 2015 and 2016 by the operation that has been accompanied, as a compensatory side, increasing banks ‘ practiced restraint for tax on bank account for payment of work from 4 to 8 percent. The measure–which bears the burden of manufacturing companies-will arrive to the Treasury in 2015 ben 920 million euros. On balance, the situation is less dramatic than expected Even the reconfirmation of the bonus in the strict sense, even have an account in red for the Treasury, it is less dramatic than had been represented in the past few weeks by government officials. The shortfalls resulting from the increase of benefit for taxpayers (from 40 to 50% for simple restructuring and from 50 to 65% for the two diplomatic chiefs are set) will amount to 63.8 billion in 2014 and in 2015 679.8. Volendoci limit to two years, it’s a 743.6 billion less revenue for the State. To have a net balance, however, you have to discount as much revenue for three taxes: 313.4 for personal income tax in 2015, 48.2 million for Irap in 2015 and 82.7 million in 2015. Balance for the biennium: shortfalls to 235.5 million. However, if we count the benefit of 920 million increased restraint-induced on the transfer operation to the treasure turns positively to 684.5 million in 2015-2016 938.9 million and for 2015. . Root data may be read clicking the following weblink.

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The most beautiful cards that help the Science: Visualize the digital tracks.   no comments

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In the beginning was William Smith. The construction of a canal, the former coal miners had noted that some fossils only in certain strata were found. So he was wearing several layers of rock on a map of Great Britain, and drew the first geological map of the world in 1815. Smith’s work was only the prelude to great visualizations that their authors often brought world fame. Like the British epidemiologist John Snow, who analysed a cholera outbreak in London. Snow spoke with residents and recorded cases with points on a detailed road map. So, he could make out a contaminated water pump in broad Street as the cause of the disease. As the authorities stilllegten the pump, the infection wave ebbed. The findings using a map-inspired London and many other cities to far-reaching measures of hygiene. The work of the early cartographers was difficult and adventurous. These men and women often for months in remote areas were on the move without helping satellites in the sky and laser measurement systems on the ground. More loving they guarded details, they were even more proud to the end products. This is no different today, except that digital methods have greatly lowered the hurdles. Great tools such as Mapstack, CartoDB, and Mapbox also lay people allow to produce high quality maps using publicly available data. Increasingly, authorities also tap into the enthusiasm of this scene. The public library in New York has about the game of building Inspectorprogrammiert. Users digitize land on historic maps of the 1850s and 1860s here and help so the local historiography. . Root data may be studied checking the following http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu.

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The Spanish elite duped by the puffery of the «little Nicolas».   no comments

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Megalomaniac champion of the puffery or rogue spy apprentice? Difficult to disentangle the true from the false in the incredible and yet short, Francisco Nicolas Gomez-Iglesias biography. This law student coming from a modest, but 20 years old family who would give 15, was arrested the week last in Madrid by the police of the font. The menu of charges: fraud, theft identity, forgery and use of forgeries. Press revelations draw a portrait of a wheeler-dealer in grass who rubbed shoulders with the greatest, reproduced or singeait their way of life and, according to investigators, was trying to use them to grow its address book,. and its heritage. «Little Nicolas», as dubbed it the media, would have extracted 25. 000 euros to a contractor as a real estate commission. But the boss, who does consider itself not injured, has not filed a complaint. Mythomaniac or sincere, Francisco Nicolas like ébahir its interlocutors, he sometimes received "home", in a pavilion of four floors actually owned the prince Kyril of Bulgaria. Among those he has convinced, Miguel Bernad, Président de l’Association Manos Limpias, which has complained of corruption against Infanta Cristina – the younger sister of Felipe VI – and her husband, Inaki Urdangarin. Contacted by telephone, said Benjamin having received the young man ‘fifteen times. The «little Nicolas» arrived with "driver, custody of the body and all the official panoply. The Ayuntamiento of Madrid acknowledged that two municipal policemen accompanied him during a trip to Galicia and has opened an investigation. . For more data about this topic visit blog.

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Budget 2015: Brussels asked for clarification, the France remains inflexible.   no comments

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The France received a letter from the Commission requesting clarification on its 2015 budget. The president of the Republic confirmed at a press conference after the Brussels climate summit François Holland, ensuring that a response will be given "at the end of the week, has refused to divulge the content then even, he said, it as ‘ () very trivial letter", meets ‘ the procedure’ and ‘ has no significance beyond asking a number of information and details. The head of State said that "the dialogue continues in very good conditions" with the European bodies which try to convince Paris to reduce its deficit to 3% of GDP next year, as the France was committed, instead of 4.3% expected. However, it appeared inflexible on the amount of the savings called for in the French: "economies, we presented them" and amounted to "EUR 21 billion in 2015", he stressed.  "You can see how it can better mobilize certain resources, better to calculate certain expenses, but there will be no changes on this point", he argued.   In addition to France, four other countries in the euro zone have received letters from Brussels: the Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Malta.  Only Italy has made public document, to the chagrin of the outgoing president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, who did not appreciate the gesture while continues "on the informal consultations" with different Governments. In the letter addressed to the Italian Executive, Jyrki Katainen, the Commissioner for employment and growth, demand in terms more than direct: "the reasons that have led to what the Italy plans to to comply with the Pact of stability and growth by 2015", and how the country plans to do by 2015. The France is committed to reducing public expenditure EUR 50 billion within three years to return in the nails of the stability pact. . You should check the following http://7f8cf1c51be0b11d887b2.ericholzman.eu to learn extra on this interesting subject.

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Satire show by hangover Star: nasty questions for Brad Pitt.   no comments

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Brad Pitt was presented Zach Galifianakis is in the show between two ferns hangover star. © Andrew Cowie / DPA most of the time sat Brad Pitt with a petrified expression between two ferns plants, when Zach asked Galifianakis (the hangover) by his colleagues in the show between two ferns to several very private issues. Comedian of Galifianakis fired immediately from all tubes: first he complained on camera when his producer in, that he last time have at least interviewed President Barack Obama and must now return to question a stupid actor. After Galifianakis presented even a water pipe wrapped in gift paper the six Stoner Pitt owning father and former – Pitt interjected that he now was father and no longer have such devices in the House – it came to the climax: Galifianakis hosts asked the superstar coming soon in the war film fury (Galafianakis christened the Strip without further ADO in furry, which means so much like cute furry animal) can be seen, if he could borrow one or two sperm. Even Pitt-boyfriend George Clooney and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston moved to Galafianakis yet in the short term with probably the most unpleasant – and at the same time entertaining – interview, Pitt has given in recent years. If your chic Tuxedoes attracts you and Clooney, you look at each other and wondering: ‘we are not two great guys?’, so Galafianakis. Pitt said short and dry: never happened. Then went there, where is no entertainment reporters for fear of eternal damnation more trust Galafianakis. How was that, as you’ve done your eyes the first time on Angelina, it was so like at the meeting between Rachel and Ross in ‘Friends’?, so the host who just put, if Pitt knew the show friends. The 50-year Pitt on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith know Jolie as we know and love had learned when he was married still with Jennifer Aniston, looked really embarrassed for the first time touched right into the camera and looked for a moment as if he wanted to leave the stage. . Main data could be found checking this link.

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