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-The complaint of Sardinian Unidos Member Mauro Pili, part from Facebook and Twitter: began yesterday and will end no later than November 16 the great manoeuvres of the Ministry of Justice to turn the Island into a full-fledged mafia Cayenne. Oristano in recent hours 14 detainees were transferred urgently with fictitious excuses with the sole objective of freeing the third arm in favour of mafia leaders who have come and who will arrive in the coming hours. Three of the four arms are from a few hours already fully occupied by leaders and subordinates of the camorra, the mafia and the ‘ ndragheta. Pili publishes circulars issued in these last hours from Dap and by the Ministry of Justice and the images of the site of the new prison of Uta, Cagliari’s doorstep. The Sardinian Parliament calls for the verification of inspection of all prison facilities sardines. In the next few hours, as the circulars show-says Pili-there is a contingent of convicts of the Casalesi clan. At the same time with the circular of 29 October have been revoked all postings penitentiary agents in other locations. From 2 November all Hedehusene prison service. Remain without staff penitentiaries of Iglesias, Quartucciu who are unable to remain open for emptying of staff. The 16 November opens the jail by Uta, without testing and with companies still working in the prison yard. On the high seas, "says Pili-the yard of 41 bis, the space dedicated to mafia chiefs is still without walls and is a real construction site as evidenced by the images of the 41 bis shooting inside the prison that audience on facebook today. The decision to clear the third arm of Oristano, transforming it into a prison for high security is very serious-writes Pili-given that the shortage of staff in the prison facility was reported two months ago, an agent for each arm with 55 inmates. 9 transfer agents from Iglesias in Cagliari-continues Congressman-communicated formally yesterday confirms the emptying of Iglesias. A decision that has forced the warden to put in black and white that the structure is unsafe and may not work. The Plan revolves around the opening of the prison to Uta that after years of slippage is scheduled for November 16. It is a decision-supports the Deputy of Unidos-on the edge of illegality considered that not only the prison has never been tested and especially because inside is still a construction site. The ‘ 41 bis ‘ of Uta is a real yard, with maximum security cells until a few days ago without walls and with totally undefined structures. Add to that the absence of a fully set up clinical center, since the tac was not yet settled as required and would not have been called the total detachment from the area of the prison ‘ 41 bis ‘. The opening of Uta without testing is the most evident demonstration-Pili-concludes a plan that the Ministry of Justice wants to pursue without restraint and with the silent accomplice of the region and of its President who accepts succubus and supine all decisions to be taken in Rome against Sardinia. . You can click the following web site to learn extra regarding this amazing subject.

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Greece, Government investigates 5,000 civil servants for tax evasion.   no comments

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The Greek Government pursues alleged avoidance of 5,000 civil servants for 1.5 billion euros, but then he "forgets" to proceed with investigations and penalties for Lagarde, who list of billions has 25 well. Are the two sides of the same coin of broad Government intended that by 2012 to help the Country’s troika who first started the European crisis.  From Thursday, 5. 260 public executives ended up in the eye of the Sdoe, the Hellenic, because financial police suspected of having transferred 1.5 billion in foreign bank accounts in 2010, when loomed the crac. This is half of leaders in education and to the rest of health manager, defence and finance. According to the Government investigation will be for the entire public sector, except for judges, police officers and the coast guard. 241 medical officers In particular have transferred 65 million and 101 former teachers of all levels have moved abroad a total of 27.3 million. On average, the transfers amounted to 275mila euros for every employee, but about 300 people have sent remittances for over 600 thousand euros per head. Administrative reforms Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met revenue Secretary General Katerina Savvaidis, asking her to check the 415 officers who have left the service, since the Audit Commission entrusted by the Government cannot do so because of bureaucratic chicanery. The anti corruption steering of the Government on the one hand aims to discover four years after avoidance multilevel, the other returns of much more significant scandal of Lagarde, the illustrious list of 2 thousand Greek tax evaders that billions in Switzerland have transferred 25. The list was sent to Athens to diplomatic courier from the then French Finance Minister Sarkozy Government, Christine Lagarde, currently number one in the International Monetary Fund. But neither of the two former Ministers of finance George Papaconstantinou, Greek and Evangelos Venizelos (current vice premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs) the protocollò. The first account, gave the journalist Kostas Vaxevanis, was arrested by Greek leather heads in October 2012 one minute after you posted the whole list in the magazine who ran, Hot Docs, and then end up on trial for emergencies. On that list was the gotha of the economics and politics of Greece, including the main collaborator of Prime Minister Samaras, Stavros Papastravrou. An article de ilfattoquotidiano. it upon him was put to acts of the Hellenic Parliament in January 2013 and quoted in an official session by Panos Kammenos, a leader of the party of independent Greece.  To bring it into play we thought the entrepreneur Sabby Mionis, born in Greece but since 2006 resides in Tel Aviv. Mionis said that Ms. Maria Panteli, who appears in the list with Papastavrou, ran with him mutual funds of Swiss Bank Hsbc present in that list, and someone suggested to refer to Mrs. Margaret Papandreou (mother of former premier George) who has repeatedly denied, threatening even to act to legal action. Papastravrou appears in all the dark dossier Greeks of the past decade, Siemens deal scandal Named. Raising doubts about the role actually played in recent years. . Related data can be inspected reading

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Territorial reform: the sacrifice of the peripheral France.   no comments

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Rest the Germany: on average, its 15 Länder have 5 million people, but as they are very unequal, do we know that 8 out of 15 are smaller than the French average? And if we consider only the 6 Länder of the former East Germany, cut after reunification, their average is 2, 5 million only. If we had to increase in Europe the size of regions, there is no doubt that the Germans would have thought since 1990! Our regions are not no longer financially too weak. Once the part is made to the Parisian concentration which began in the 13th century and it won’t change the overnight, they seemingly have more limited than those of some neighbouring countries budgets. The truth is that they are free of heavy management expenses (remuneration of teachers and police officers left to was, roads and devolved Welfare Department), the German Länder, for example, provide, without genuine room for manoeuvre. Our regions retain strategic spending to support the economy, universities, culture, enabling them to conduct a genuine policy instead. Other reasons show the absurdity of this reform: the France that had beautifully clipped its regions in 1964 (non-duplication of upper and lower Normandy which had in fact remedy) had found little or less the old French provinces still present in mentalities. Europe has done the same by cutting regions and Länder: it is the concern of the story and not that of Gigantism that makes that the Germany has some big lander as Bavaria (12 million people) alongside free cities like Hamburg (1.6 million inhabitants) or Bremen (650,000 inhabitants). Saarland (990,000 inhabitants) is smaller than the Franche-Comté (1.17 million) and has no complex. By removing the Champagne region or Picardy, we will be the only European country whose regional cutting turns its back on history. If Alsace was not defended, the East region was the only one in Europe to climb over a language border! But our administrative frame is also a role of safety net for huge territories in the process of depopulation and impoverishment. Christophe Guilluy showed how the greatest misery of our country lie in these outlying areas abandoned, victims more than other both the agricultural decline of deindustrialisation. Lining of a stroke the two regional capitals of the Massif central, it is this neglect that it endorses, in coherence with the total abandonment of the policy of planning and regional balance which was once in honour of the France. The mechanisms that cause these paradoxical effects are complex: first lack of courage that leads, when it merged two entities to multiply the benefits to neutralize often justified resistance, or in this case the maintenance of the total number of elected representatives; then the need, because of lack of realism that inspired reformers, maintain, or even reconstruct a local level, the end result being that it will be a little more complicated matters: this will be the case for regions when they will realize that departmental Creuse, managed roads far to the General satisfaction of Guéret cannot be Bordeaux. Other factors: the difficulty of forcing of the day in the wake of hundreds of territorial change of city officials to go from Chalons to Metz or Amiens to Lille. But does it matter to Mr. Valls! As for any politician to wanting modern, is not, for him, the reality of the change that is important but its appearance. Unfounded prejudice our structures territorial (yet in all respects similar to those of other countries, whatever one may say, including so-called "Yarrow"), must be recast, having spread beyond our borders, the Prime Minister hopes to throw dust in the eyes not only French opinion but Brussels and Berlin. So goes the "society of the spectacle" as described Guy Debord: in its most advanced stage, become indifferent to reality, it is no longer able to "change any thing worse. . For more insights about this topic click

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VIDEOS. 10 ideas for Halloween Makeup for child.   no comments

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Level: medium. With green face paint, draw the Tyrannosaurus on half of his face: the head on the mouth, the body and legs on the cheek, the tail on the temple up to the front. Take a little pink and draw the gums of the T – Rex with a fine brush on the corner of her lips. Repeat the operation with the white to make the sharp teeth. Finally, with black, draw the nose, the eye – filling with white – and the contours of the animal. Think webbed. The more experienced add touches of yellow for a 3D effect, as well as streaks and black fingernails in order to make the most terrifying reptile.   Level: difficult. Apply a light layer of silvery white, a sponge in rounding on the forehead and between the eyebrows. With another sponge, add a strip of blue above. Make a gradient between two colors with the blank side of the sponge. Put also of blue on the mobile eyelids. Repeat the same gestures with the purple on the front, then – without replenish your tool into the material – color also temples. Cover all with sequins. Optional, reserved the biggest step: with the Blue Navy, gray or black, make a smokey eye. For the body of the spider, make a circle to turquoise blue with a fine brush in the middle of the forehead, and then draw in black head and thin legs between the eyebrows and edges. Don’t forget cobwebs in the corners of the eyes. On the lips, apply purple, hem black and graduate to the brush dry.   Level: easy. Cover the whole of her face with the Orange (lips, eyebrows and eyelids included). With a fine brush and black, draw the reliefs of the pumpkin using a vertical line starting from the middle of the forehead to the Chin passing by stopped nose, then add arcs of circles on each side – no pressure: these last do not have to be perfectly symmetrical. Then, draw a horizontal line on the front to represent the cut lid. With black, play a mini triangle on his nose, a big triangle on each eye and a broad smile. With green, made the tail. Forget the candle, too dangerous!  . For additional data on this topic click reference.

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Ebola: Italian Emergency medical quarantine.   no comments

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The nurse Kaci Hickox challenge quarantine in which the State of Maine has made after returning from West Africa. Kaci, who treated Ebola patients until a few days ago, and ‘ exit with boyfriend for a bike ride. The State of Maine would like to see the nurse to remain at home for 21 days from the last contact with an Ebola patient. The State Health Commissioner Mary Mayhew mentioned the activities ‘ of the girl and the fact that the information about his work and his movements lack reliability: an item that said the Mayhew-make the high-risk woman. Authorities want to remain incommunicado Kaci until 10 November. The woman says he does not have any symptoms and quarantine, as well as unnecessary, and ‘ anti-constitutional. The Hickox had been held for three days in quarantine in New Jersey soon after arrival at the airport in Newark. At the end the Governor Chris Christie had left to go and the nurse was returned by car in Maine. . For more regarding this matter read page.

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Union: the large States take the weight.   no comments

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As enlargement of the Union, the large States, in particular Germany and France, have been marginalized by the influx of small countries. Whether the Committee of the Council of Ministers and the European Central Bank. Where their growing mistrust of the Community institutions in which they feel poorly represented, only the European Council of Heads of State and Government restoring them their luster spent, the weight policy each country playing fully despite the unanimity rule. The 2009 Lisbon Treaty sought to remedy this undemocratic gear and it succeeded partially, at least for the Council of Ministers, the forum where Member States. Thus, as soon as this November 1st, qualified majority voting will know its first revolution since it was introduced (in practice, 1985): now, an act will be adopted if it brings together 55 per cent of States (16 countries) representing 65% of the population (or 328,622 million people). With this new system, which replaces the incomprehensible "weighting of votes" (each country is entitled to a certain number of votes – the big four 29, the Spain and Poland 27 up to Malta, 3, and to get 260 votes out of 352 for a qualified majority), decision making is strongly facilitated in case of vote: 10% of "winning coalitions" versus 2% in the previous system. If the States had accepted the system proposed by the European Convention chaired by Valery Giscard d’Estaing (50% of States representing 60% of the population), the proportion would be increased to 22 per cent,.   In addition, the weight of the great is increases significantly: Berlin passes to 8.4% of the vote to 15.93% of the population, Paris from 8.4% to 12,98%, London, 8.4% to 12.61% and 8.4% to 11.81% Rome. The Spanish gain is minimal (+ 0.84%) and all the other countries are losing influence. This system benefits mainly to the Germany and the France, but the less populous States that are Malta, the Latvia, the Slovenia, the Estonia, the Luxembourg also curiously and Cyprus. The Banzhaf index, in fact, they are most likely to be in a pivotal position, allowing them to determine the winning coalition. Wonder of the calculation of probabilities! On the other hand, the real losers are the Spain and Poland who lose the overrepresentation in the Treaty of Nice (two votes less than the big four with 25 million inhabitants in less,.). Last subtlety: the minority of blockage that allows to oppose a decision by bringing together more than 45% of the States, or more than 35% of the population, must in any event bring together at least 4 States to avoid that threshold of 35% of the population is reached with only 3 countries. Clearly, this is to avoid giving too much weight to the Germany. The institut of Frankfurt took precautions as early as 2002 in order to avoid that the enlargement of the euro area translates into too strong dominance of small countries. Indeed, the Governors of the central banks of the area who sit on the Board of Governors each have a vote, regardless of the size of his country. Position the new accessions (18 Member States today, 19 from January 1, with the Lithuania), it became a coalition of smaller countries representing less than 5% of the GDP in the area may impose its will to others and especially to the big three (Germany, France and Italy, which weigh 75% of GDP). Unimaginable, when we know that the current system of perfect equality is already strongly challenged across the Rhine. From that date, therefore, the total number of votes of the Board of Governors will be limited to 21. The six members of the Executive Board will each retain their right to vote. The Governors, they will have to share the remaining 15 votes. They will be divided into two groups: the first, which will include those who represent the five first area economies (GDP and importance of the financial sector), the Germany, the France, the Italy, the Spain and the Netherlands, will have 4 voices. The second, which will bring together the 14 remaining governors, will share 11 votes. The Governors who will not be able to vote will be raffled. On September 18, the ECB has indicated that in January, this will be the case of the Spanish Governor, and then in February of the french Governor. The president of the Bundesbank, will be deprived of its right to vote in May and October 2015. In the second group, the Estonia, the Ireland and the Greece will not participate in the votes in January. This system of rotation is softened for very large States, because it is now accepted that the Germany, the France and the Italy will always, have in addition to their Central Bank Governor, to a seat on the Executive Board, become the de facto "Security Council" of the euro area. The Lisbon Treaty had planned a reform as important as the system of voting to qualified majority which, it also should have come into effect in 2014: the reduction of the size of the European Executive. In theory, the number of Commissioners should be limited to a number not more than two-thirds of the Member States, or 18 in the current configuration (article 17 of the Treaty on European Union). But here goes: following the referendum Irish-June 12, 2008, rejecting the Treaty of Lisbon, the heads of State and Government took advantage of this opportunity to bury a reform that the majority of them did not like. In order to make "concessions" to the Irish people and convince him to adopt the Lisbon Treaty, that it will end 2009, they decided, as allowed them the Lisbon Treaty not applying this article of the Treaty of Lisbon (decision formalised on 22 may 2013 by the European Council). Result: the new Commission has still 28 Commissioners. To work around the obstacle, Jean-Claude Juncker, the elected president, has decided to appoint seven vice-presidents umbrella groups of Commissioners, which avoids creating totally artificial portfolios. The only good news in this case is that the European Council will return to the abandonment of this reform without passing by a reform of the treaties. The permanent European construction is not nearly complete. . Inspirational data can be found reading the following

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GP of the limited possibilities: Vettel on a part-time basis.   no comments

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The dethroned champion makes at the third race of the season on Sunday (21 00 Watch) in Texas is ready for a start from the pit lane. Quickly, clarity will bring Vettel in his future. I hope that it is soon to announce what he said before the United States race. If there is to announce something, we will announce it too. At the moment he must announce but still nothing. I was glad when the time comes, the 27-year-old added, then the issue is finally ticked off. The theme engine very busy him in Texas. The weekend will make a little differently than a normal weekend, said Vettel. The reason is clear. We will most likely use a sixth motor. In the training, we will then probably more focus on the race on qualifying, he explained. We will probably start out of the box. On Saturday Vettel could practice so watch. On race day, when due to the absence of the ailing racing of Caterham and Marussia, already four places on the grid remain free, the previous time winner wants to attack again. At least in the framework of its possibilities. Because of the aggregate change, he enters a season about the number of five allowed engines. As a result, Vettel to ten places reverts in the starting lineup. Vettel happy in Sochi would have completed the engine change. At that time lacked Red Bull but necessary parts. Gas will be this season Vettel for Red Bull only in Austin, Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi. Then, the chapter is completed after six years for him. The new time will most likely start then finally for Vettel with the first race on the 15th March 2015 in Melbourne. However expected to entirely in red. . You must check this source to discover extra about this interesting topic.

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Killed in pursuit, pm: appeal against acquittal agent.   no comments

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The reconstruction of the judge of first instance in its judgment that has acquitted, with the formula because the fact does not constitute a crime, the police officer Michael Paone, who, at the dawn of July 30, 2011, spar and killed Bernardino Budroni during a chase on the Grande raccordo anulare contradictory and superficial in some places. For this reason, the pm Giorgio Oran has appealed against that ruling, but be expedited through reforming the courts of second instance. For the pm, who dropped charges of manslaughter for speeding legitimate use of arms has mistakenly judged; and, in doing so, he ended up giving an absolute licence to conduct, lawfulness that agent estate Paone, who besides having certain consequences, appears to be the result of a manifest error of evaluation, even before Executive, attributable to severe incompetence and imprudence. In pi, the use of the weapon by the agent, was not adequate to the circumstances-we read in the Act of appeal-and the explosion of two gunshots was the result of a willful choice of the accused by way of incompetence and gross negligence, which must lead to a claim of responsibility for the crime of Paone he ascribed. . Extended information can be found reading weblink.

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Leyne suicide: DSK ensures that his partner had contracted by excessive borrowing.   no comments

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn says that his partner within the company LSK Thierry Leyne, who committed suicide on 23 October, had contracted a series of excessive borrowing and that he knew this palistinian recently contrasted reputation. I have decided to resign from the Presidency of LSK (Leyne Strauss РKahn & Partners, ndrl) for two reasons, explains the leader ousted by the international monetary Fund (IMF) in an interview published Thursday in le Parisien. I noticed at the end of the summer that the project did not conform to what we considered together and did not correspond to what I was looking for. Thierry Leyne was Executive Director and managed the company. He was engaged in a strategy of borrowing which came to me in October with the 2013 accounts and that I cannot accept. It is the second reason, says Mr Strauss-Kahn, calling it a terrible human tragedy, the fact that his partner is thrown in Tel-Aviv. Thierry Leyne had mounted a financial company that mainly consisted of asset management. He had no business banking Department. I had to create it by centering on advice to Governments and businesses, incidentally he says still. But ultimately, it was me who brought business, which did not correspond to what I expected of a partnership. I probably lost my investment and have never received any remuneration. My scale, is a lot of money, he said without further precision, ensuring yet about his partner I knew him for a short time, he was introduced to me by a very long time friend who was became his companion. He had contracted a series of excessive borrowing, accusing it, admitting that Mr. Leyne had a mixed reputation but explaining have been attracted by the fact that the businessman had made in the past of beautiful operations, companies he had created and very well resold to large Banquesinterroge by the newspaper on the presence of dirty money in some societies of the LSK group, the former leader of the IMF responds not to my knowledge, while rushing to clarify that he himself was non-Executive Chairman while Mr. Leyne was Managing Director and it was he who managed the company. In September 2013, the Group Anatevka little known and registered in the Luxembourg, became LSK after DSK has bombed at the head of its Board of Directors as shareholder. Dominique Strauss-Kahn had left the Presidency of LSK three days before the suicide of his partner. October 3 Luxembourg justice condemned summary group LSK, its subsidiary AK and its principal shareholder, Thierry Leyne, to pay EUR 2 million to the B̢loise Vie Luxembourg insurer, who was claiming reimbursement of the LSK group titles that were in its portfolio since last July. To conclude the interview, DSK is asked about his State of mind in three-month trial of the Carlton. He was serene, saying this story was mounted hairpin and I am confident that the tribunal (Lille ndrl) will make me justice in February. . You should check the following home page to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.

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Ast, Ast, Landini: police lie attempt to occupy workers Terms.   no comments

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Rome, Oct. 29 (Afpenglish)-the National Secretary of Fiom Maurizio Landini said that police in Rome’s argument according to which the workers ‘ procession of the Ast Terni plant was planning to head towards Termini station to occupy it is a lie. Landini recalled the tense moments with the police occurred just when the parade was attended by trade union leaders, adding: This is a thesis that is not there, does not exist. Have you got an apology from Interior Minister Alfano? No. We put on the table that there was an act of apology towards Terni workers. It would be an act that is more than many words, replied Landini. When asked what he said Alfano during the meeting, Landini replied: will tell him. Will decide the Government. Tomorrow there will be a policy statement in Parliament. Trade Union leaders during the meeting with Alfano and Pansa have asked that they found the responsibility for what has happened today in the management of public policy: we do not seek scapegoats, stressed Landini, but guarantees that similar incidents are not repeated ever again, especially since-recalled-is a very difficult time and there are many disputes in this time of crisis. . You can check the following home page to discover more regarding this great matter.

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